Double D’s

It’s Thursday and I am sure for most of us the weekend is on our mind.  I can definitely say it is for me, because I am not officially going into the office today, instead I am heading to Nashville for the night to watch a concert of one of my favorite country singers.

However, even though I am thinking about this weekend, and technically starting the weekend a day and a half early.  I am still getting things accomplished that I know must be done.

Everyday we have two choices to make:

Decide:  We all must decide what we need to do to accomplish our personal and professional goals.  If you don’t know what those personal and professional goals are, then I would encourage you to reach out to me and let me see if I can assist you.  I am a certified professional trainer and coach and although my time is limited (just like yours) I would be willing to spend thirty minutes with you and see if we could get you going in the right direction and setting some goals that will get you where you want to be.

Back to decide:  Decide what is important to you.  Decide where you want to be in one week, three months, three years, and five years from now.  Make a decision, on what it is and what it looks like. Where is your career going?  Where do you want your health to be?  What do your finances look like?  All of these are vitally important to your overall quality of life and how you live it.

I have to warn you though deciding is the easy part.  I know many people who make decisions every single day.  I can decide to lose weight and save money today.  But the hard part in this equation is the doing part which is the second “D”.

Do it now:  You have decided on what it looks like and where you want to be, now you have to do it.  You have to manage the decision you made.  This is where most of us fall short.

I can decide to put in the extra hours of work to get the job done, but when five o’clock hits and I can either leave (if it is up to me) or stay put and put the hours in.  This is the doing part.  As I said above, I can decide to lose weight and save money, but tomorrow night (In this case, Friday) do I give myself the freedom to spend a little more because it is the weekend.  Do I eat the pizza, because it is the weekend?  This is the hard part, the doing, the managing of the decision I made.

What are you going to decide to do today? When are you going to start doing it?  When the desire is at its strongest is when you should start the doing.  Don’t wait. If you wait too long the desire loses its intensity.  You have to decide and do NOW.  Don’t wait!

To your success and your future.






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