13 Reasons why you should skip Happy Hour

It is 4:45 pm on a Thursday.  Or maybe for you it is any day that ends in Y.  But you are eagerly waiting to go to the closest Happy Hour at your favorite watering hole.  You are so excited that it is like you are a child on Christmas Eve.

We all have seasons in our life where going to Happy Hour is just what we do.  However, if you look at any of the below thirteen comments and you can relate, then my suggestion for you is to stop going to Happy Hour.


1. You are broke:  You don’t have any money.  Go home and save your money.

2. You haven’t read a book since college or since someone made you. Invest in your mind instead.

3. Your family thinks you work late every night: Your family hates your company, because they think they work you too hard. Go home and spend time with them.

4. Your gym recently called you to see if you were still alive:  You are overweight and out of shape. Invest your energy into your most precious resource, you.  Get healthy instead.

5.  Work later so you can get the project completed: It’s already overdue, get the job done so you can move onto the next.

6. You went yesterday: It has become routine for you. Take a week off, at least.

7. Your college credits have dust on them: How many credits do you have?  Finish the degree, you aren’t getting any younger.

8. Nobody else is going but you: It’s not called happy hour if you go by yourself.  Its called alcoholism.

9. You haven’t met someone new since you met your spouse: Attend a networking event. Meeting new people opens up doors. If the only people you know in your industry are the people in your office, that is a problem. Get out and meet some people.

10. Your happy hour usually turns into an all nighter: You can’t stop at one or two, you go all night like it is a party.

11. Your skills haven’t been enhanced since Microsoft Windows Millennium edition came out: Attend a seminar, a class, a course, invest in developing your skills, a new skill, or a pursue new venture.

12. You treat it like a college party: Happy Hour is a for a few drinks, not keg stands and shots.

13. Your last goal was to graduate college:  It’s time to set some new goals.  Spend some time charting out what you want your life to look like.

As I stated above, at different times of our life we are going through different seasons.  There are some seasons where happy hour makes sense and we can do it without any regrets.  Then there are other seasons where we have to take care of the most important things first.

To your success and your future.









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