5 Things you can do and computers can’t

The last twenty years has been really interesting for all of us.  Technology is rapidly taking over many of the things we as humans used to do.

In Geoff Colvin’s book “Humans are Underrated” What High Achievers know that Brilliant Machines Never Will” he describes what jobs and high value skills cannot be replaced by computers and technology and why.  You can access the book here

So what are the high value skills that humans have that computers and technology don’t have and never will?

Empathizing: Throughout the book the author looks at research and data that shows time and time again that we as humans seek empathy and we as humans seek to give empathy.  When you can empathize with someone you connect on a deeper emotional level that allows you to show someone you really care.  Technology and computers don’t have the ability to empathize.  A computer will eventually be able to give you a bad test result on your health.  But it wont be able to deliver that result with an empathic side that gives you hope that it will be ok.

Collaborating:  A computer can only provide information and perform specific tasks.  Both of these are actions that we need.  Sure the computer can perform these two actions, but they can’t take the information and work with that information with a group or team to come up with a solution that makes sure all angles are looked at to meet all of the needs from all of the involved parties.  Only humans have the ability right now to collaborate and make necessary changes as needed.  In business things change all of the time.  Conditions change and even people will change along the way in a big project, only humans have the ability to collaborate with each other and ensure these changes are handled and the project still gets accomplished.

Creating:  There are computers that are currently successfully creating art and providing possible solutions to problems.  However, where computers fall short is where things are not black and white.  Only humans have the ability to create.  Only humans are able to look at problems and say “There has to be a better way.”  This is a high value skill that is needed in the marketplace right now and as things change it will continue to become a sought after skill.  How good are you at creating solutions for problems?

Building Relationships: One of the basic cores of all humans is the want and need to have interactions with others.  It is ingrained in our DNA to have interactions with other people.  Look around everyone belongs to a Facebook group, Alumni association, a club, or something similar.  Why do we belong?  Sure we appreciate the group for what it is, but we also seek to be a part of something and have interactions with others. Children are a good example of this basic need.  Go to a playground and look around.  Children don’t even know each other, but they will be playing around with each other and trying to build relationships.  It is ingrained in us, it is something a computer can’t do, only humans can do.  How can you continue to work on building better relationships to make yourself irreplaceable?

Leading:  Leadership is one of the most needed skills in the marketplace.  Look around when you think of good leaders who really comes to mind?  Maybe a coach?  Maybe a politician?  Are they really the best example?  There are some.  However, the marketplace needs leaders now more than ever.  It is a skill that can be learned and a computer cannot do it. Do you want to be a leader?  Are you working on that skill?  

Which one of the skills above do you need to work on?  If you continue to develop the above skills the sky’s the limit and your work will never be replaced by a computer.

To your success and your future.




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  1. Siim Land Avatar
    Siim Land

    These are the things that make us human.

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