4 annoying statements successful people hear

If you are a successful person the chances are you have heard at least one of the followings statements before.  The reason I can say that is you wouldn’t be successful or appear to be successful if you didn’t possess or demonstrate one of the following thoughts or actions.

What success means to you is up to you. You have to define your own definition of success.  I just know what I hear and see when it comes to my life and success and here is what I think about it.

“You need to have a work life balance”: I don’t feel like I don’t have balance.  Work life integration should be the goal, not balance.  How can you surround yourself with people and activities that feed both your work, your life, and your passions.  You can’t have two personalities. If you do, we call you crazy. You can’t be one person part of the day and another person the other part of the day.  So this balance thing is what people say who either hate what they do, or they hate the fact that you like what you do.

“Money isn’t everything”: If I had to rank these statements, this one would be number one.  Because I know money isn’t everything.  If you read my book here you will see that I don’t even have money down as one of the seven ways to more. Here is what I do know though.  Money gives me options.  Money allows me to help others.  Money gives me freedom to do the things I want to do. Money gives me access. The reality of life is that everything costs money.  I don’t know about you, but I like nice things and I like to do fun things, both of these require money.  So you can either take the approach that I don’t need a lot of money and don’t do anything fun with your friends and family, or you can take a different approach and try to earn all you can, so you can save all you can, and give away all you can. 

“You have a lot of extra time”: Nope, I have the same amount of time as you do.  I just choose to prioritize my time. With the time I do have I ensure I do the most important tasks consistently and do them first.  I make time.  You should make time as well.  “You either run the day or the day runs you” –Jim Rohn.  I control my day and my daily activities revolve around my goals that I have in my life and in my work.

“You like to read that kind of stuff”: I assume you mean stuff that makes you think.  Stuff that can help me in my businesses. Stuff that I can use to help others.  Stuff that I can use to encourage others and inspire others to seek their full potential.  Stuff that I can read to help me understand a better way to do something, or don’t do something. Assuming something is usually a bad thing.  However, when it comes to this statement, my assumption is usually correct and validated once the person continues speaking that they don’t like to read much of anything.

What are some of the annoying statements you hear?  How do you respond to them?

To your success and your future.







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