3 Things I learned last week 9/28-10/3/2015

Like always, there are some lessons in the three that I already know, but as always, we must keep looking at our experiences and ensuring we are learning what we can from them.

You know when you know:  Last week I heard Kobe Bryant responding to a reporter at a press conference asking when he thinks he will retire.  Kobe said that he spoke with Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan, and a few other very prominent athletes, who had retired and asked them the question “When did you know it was time to retire.” He said that all of them said something different.  He didn’t really go into details on what they said, he just said that they all had a different view-point on retirement and when they chose to do so.  So to answer the reporter’s question of when does he plan on retiring, Kobe said “He said I will just know.”

In no way am I Kobe Bryant, nor will I be retiring soon.  However, in life when something gets to the point that it is no longer beneficial, or you are no longer excited about it, you no longer are committed, you know it is time to walk away.  Sure athletes retire, because they can no longer perform physically the way they did at one time.  Which is why many of them retire.  But physically, emotionally, attitudinal, etc. you know when it is time.  It is a just a feeling that is overwhelmingly strong.  We all have been in situations in work, relationships, committees, teams, etc. or we will be in situations when you know that is no longer beneficial and serving you and in many cases the other party.

Your response tells us everything: I have a confession to make.  I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy listening to one sports talk radio show.  It is Colin Cowherd.  I am not sure if it is the sports I really care about, because I don’t watch or follow 90% of what he talks about.  However, what I like is insight on all of it.  Colin is extremely smart and funny.  Now that I justified my listening.  Last week Colin was responding to some people he offended.  He made a brilliant statement. Colin said: “Your response to criticism tells us exactly how true the criticism is.”  So if you brush it off likes it is no big deal, the chances are the criticism is probably unfounded and not very accurate.  But if you respond hastily and defensive, the likelihood of the criticism being accurate and you even knowing it is accurate, is probably more likely. He also has very smart people thought leaders, entrepreneurs, successful business people, etc. on the show as well.  More justification for me.

When you look at it all and it all makes sense, it probably makes sense: We all have very big decisions to make in our lives.  Should I buy this house, or that house.  Should I go to this college or that college. Should I be in a relationship with this person or not.  Should I but this software or that software. Should I buy this car or that car. Should I eat this or that. These are all decisions we have to make each and every day. Now my hope is in each of these decisions you have done your due diligence and investigated the case or you had someone do it for you.  But you eventually have to make a decision and if the decision you are weighing all adds up and makes sense, it probably make makes sense.  Act on it now.

Please share with me what you learned the last week.  We get better by learning from our evaluated experiences.

To your success and your future.








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