3 Things I learned last week…10/26-11/1/2015

Last week I learned a few lessons by watching others.

If you don’t ask, you won’t get: Many people go through life upset about not getting this or that.  In their minds they are not getting what they consider to be their fair share.  If you ask them what they want to have, they can’t tell you.  Or, really challenge them and ask them what they have actually asked for and it is usually nothing.  They haven’t asked for anything. So, instead they play the victim role and pretend like they haven’t received what they think they should have received.  But in essence it is their fault because they haven’t asked.  Now should you receive everything you ask for?  Absolutely not, you get what you deserve.  This is another blog for another day, but to get what you want, you have to earn it and then you have to ask for it.

Domination and Success:  I have to admit I love watching someone, something, or anything just totally dominate, especially when it comes to sports.  For example, did you watch American Pharaoh this past Saturday win the Breeder’s Cup?  That was pure domination.  The horse dominated during its run during the Triple Crown as well.  Also, have you watched the New England Patriots in a while?  Tom Brady and his team are dominating the NFL.  What is it about watching domination that I like?  I guess for me it is the focus and determination of the group, team, horse, etc. doing the domination.  they have prepared for it.  They worked hard at it.  They put in the time, the effort, the sacrifice to be dominant.  When I look at my own preparation in certain areas of my life, I have to ask myself “Am I dominating this?”  If the answer is no.  There is a reason I am not.  It is because I am not focusing, preparing, and putting in the work to dominate.  That is the challenge for me this week and going forward.  If I want to dominate, I have to do the work.

Do it now: We all know this, but it is worth reminding myself of it again.  Anything that you put off, that shouldn’t be put off, wont get done.  For example: If I don’t work out first thing in the morning, the chances are I wont get it done that day. If I don’t make time to read a few chapters of a book in the morning, the chances are it wont get done that day.  If I don’t write down my goals for the day before I start the day, the chances are they won’t get done. So my advice is do it now.  Whatever it is you know you should do and need to do, do it now.  Don’t wait.  It is too important to wait.

To your success and your future.





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