3 Things I learned last week…11/9-15/2015

Spend time with people with similar goals:  Sure I have talked about this before, right?  Who you spend your time with determines your success or failure.  But this last week it became even more abundantly clear to me why this is true.  I had two great meetings last week, and the week before I had one of these meetings. Sadly enough about ten days had passed and I only had three such meetings.  What was so great about these three meetings was the people I met with had similar growth goals.  They had personal growth goals, finance goals, reading great books goals, career goals, etc.  In each of these meetings I left feeling energized and excited about what I needed to do and what I want to accomplish.  Three such meetings in ten days is the sad part.  What if I had one of these meetings every hour?  That is my goal this week and in the future: have meetings with people who have similar goals more often.

Until you are obsessed with it, it wont happen: I listened to a caller call into the Dave Ramsey show last week and tell his story on how he became debt free.  He said that he and his wife had started down the path in 2011 but they got off track.  So ultimately they didn’t get out of debt the first time.  They got back on the plan to become debt free again in 2013 and this time they did it successfully.  They became debt free.  The guy said that they weren’t that committed to becoming debt free back in 2011.  This time they had several circumstances in their life come about and they had to be debt free.  He said that until you are obsessed with a goal you wont accomplish it.  Meaning you think about the goal 24/7, when you sleep, when you eat, when you are at work, when you are playing.  It is on your mind 24/7 and you want to accomplish the goal so bad that the goal becomes almost like breathing to you.

Respect yourself first: At times there are situations, experiences, environments, people, managers, friends, family, etc., that may not show you the respect that you deserve.  It may be deliberate and intentional, or they may just be clueless to the fact that you feel that way.  So what do you do?  You can’t change anyone but yourself.  So you must respect yourself first, and in some cases you have to move on from these situations. Or if they are people you can’t move on from, then you have to confront the people who are showing you the disrespect. Regardless of the situation you have to respect yourself, your abilities, your value, and the contributions you make.

To your success and your future.




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