3 Things I learned last week…11/23-29/2015

Be obsessed: I believe we all know what it feels like to be obsessed with something. Maybe it is a food, an activity, a television program, a person, a job, a book, you name it.  The definition for obsessed on the free dictionary online states it like this: having or showing compulsive concern with something.  Some people believe obsession is a bad thing.  I don’t.  I believe that when I get obsessed with something I thrive at it.  Matter of fact I know some of my best results have come from activities that I have become obsessed with.  So here is the question I asked myself last week:  “What am I obsessed with right now?”  The answer for me is I don’t know.  As we wrap up 2015 in a few weeks, I am already writing my goals down for 2016.  My goals for 2016 will only include the activities that I want to be obsessed with.

Just ask: Have you ever sat around and thought about what someone else is thinking?  Maybe they are your spouse, your boss, a friend, a family member, etc.  In some cases you might think so much about it that you start to assume what they are thinking.  What was the result of you assuming?  What were the results of you thinking about what this other person was thinking?  I’ll tell you from my own experience.  You think about all of the scenarios good and bad.  You then start to assume.  All the while, you don’t really have any answers, you just have more questions.  Here is what I learned and I have to remember this going forward.  Just ask.  I just asked last week and I learned what I needed to know.  After asking the question I was able to move forward.  Don’t waste your time thinking about things, ask whoever it is the questions you want answers to and move on.

Anticipation is motivation:  In leadership seminars and in my position as a leader of leaders in my organization, one of the common questions I am asked all of the time is “how do I motivate people.” And my answer is the same every single time:  You can’t motivate people.  You can create an environment and culture for people to be motivated, but you can’t personally motivate people.  People have to motivate themselves. Think about that vacation you went on or maybe you are about to take.  Think about the planning of it.  The process of getting to your destination.  What you will do while you are there.  What restaurants or food you will eat while on vacation.  The different activities you will do while you are there.  Can you see it?  What you are doing is creating anticipation in your mind of what kind of time you will have.  In your mind you are already living out the experiences and memories you will make.  The anticipation leading up to the event is what allows you to do all of the things you have to do to ensure when that day comes that you will be ready for your vacation.

This is what we have to do as leaders, parents, influencers, and for ourselves.  We have to create our own anticipation for the things to come.  If we are not constantly creating anticipation for the things to come, we won’t be motivated.  We wont accomplish the things we want to accomplish.  Create anticipation for yourself, I know I am.

What did you learn last week?  Please share.

To your success and your future.





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