3 Things I learned last week… 2/15-21/2016

My mentor said “make a study” of everything in life.  My weekly “Three things I learned” is exactly that.  It allows me to study my life and my experiences, which gives me insight.

Moving from “Should I” to “How will I”:  There comes a time in all of our lives that we have to make a decision.  We have to fully commit. Can you think of something right now that you are still in the “Should I” phase of the commitment?  Meaning “Should I” really be doing this. “Should I” really try to only eat this or that”, “Should I” really try to show up to work earlier. “Should I” try to really cut my life down to nothing so I can pay off my debts. “Should I” really go above and beyond at work”.  The chances are, at this moment you are faced with a “Should I” question about something in your life.  Here is what we all have to do.  That is we must change our thinking from “Should I” to “How will I”.  When you make this shift in thinking you are now becoming fully present and fully committed to whatever it is.  When you say “How will I”, you are saying no matter how I feel, how I look, how I do it, I am committed to seeing this through.

Your problems should be changing all of the time: One of my mentors shared this with me a few years ago. He said if you are still dealing with the problems you were dealing with a year ago, it is your fault.  Duh!  Right!  We all know this don’t we?  I am sure we do.  But how many of us are aware of the problems that have been around for too long?  It could be one week or five years.  If I am growing.  If I am changing. If I am moving things forward, then be definition my problems should be changing as well.  Because when I grow.  When I develop.  When I expand my business. When I expand my investments. When I take on a new job. A new position.  I should also be presented with a new set of problems.  If my problems never change, it means I have not moved forward at all.

Trust: I have been in some kind of leadership position for the last twelve years of my career.  I have learned a lot about leadership and a lot about working with the people.  It could be people who are on my team, up the ladder from me, or my peers.  With all of these people the one thing that matters most is, trust.  If you have it, everything is fine.  When you don’t have trust, everything is bad.  A leader’s job is to establish trust with his team in everything they do.  It is also everyone’s responsibility on the team to do the same thing.  It is everyone’s job to foster a trusting environment.

To your success and your future.






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