Quit lying to yourself and do this instead

This year will be different… I am going to do this… And I will quit this… I will commit to making sure this happens… And I will finally finish this…

Question:  How are you doing on these things?

Answer: Well this year has been different, because…. I was going to do that, but… And I quit doing that for a few… And I still have time to finish that…

Does this sound like you? Or someone you know?  If it does, I am sorry.  Because lets just be frank about it.  If this sounds like your or someone you know the chances anything will change is really slim to none.

So why won’t things change?  Well, unfortunately, your track record tells us everything we need to know.  Your decisions up until this point tell me that you aren’t willing or aren’t capable of doing whatever it is you said you were going to do.  To actually commit and accomplish, yes the most important word here is accomplish.  Anything you set your mind to, is first you must commit to it.  And when I say commit to it, I mean write it down and say I will complete this or accomplish this and I will not stop until….I do it.

If you aren’t willing to take the time to make a commitment on paper or on your computer of your goals, then the chances are very high you won’t be willing to commit to what it will take to accomplish the goal either. We both know the writing of the goal is the easier part here, however, it is one that most people fail to do the most.

I have talked about the magic of writing very specific goals before.  Something truly magical happens when you write a goal down.  By doing this you are subconsciously telling yourself that this is something that is important to you and that you want to achieve it.  The brain is a very powerful thing.

Your subconscious kicks in and you don’t won’t to disappoint yourself.  Nobody does.  We all hate disappointment, Don’t we?  The worst kind of disappointment is the kind of disappointment that we know we have control over the outcome. So when we write the goal down we will do whatever it takes to not disappoint ourselves.

So here is your challenge, I have a goal setting plan for you.  It is pretty simple. But it requires a lot of work on your end.  We can start small and build from there.  If you are interested in learning more about the goal setting plan reach out to me by email or respond to this post.

To your success and your future.








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