Month: September 2016

  • These two things are killing your self-esteem

    These two things are killing your self-esteem

    What if I could promise you that you would always be the most confident person all of the time, in every single situation, no matter what the situation is? You would probably call me a liar.  And for most people you would be right by calling me a liar. So what is confidence and what […]

  • The conduit between I can and I will

    The conduit between I can and I will

    Discipline is the one word that can be associated with the success and failures of most people.  Discipline is the willingness to commit to something and see it through. Most people are willing to stand up and say “I commit”.  However, it is a different story altogether when it comes time to implement the necessary […]

  • Selling the Invisible notes and summary

    Selling the Invisible notes and summary

    There are times when I read a book that really changes the game. Either the information in the book does it, or the excitement I get from reading the book does it. In this case, it is both. I have now read three books by Harry Beckwith. They are all very similar. The book Selling […]

  • A million dollar conversation

    A million dollar conversation

    Yesterday, I had one of those aha moments. You know, one of this moments where you either see something more clearly, or you get some additional information you didn’t have before, or you get smacked across the face because you thought you were doing the right things, but you weren’t. My aha moment falls into […]

  • 50 Reasons on why I want to be Rich!

    50 Reasons on why I want to be Rich!

    If I have heard it once, I have heard it a million times. “Brian, you work too hard, slow down.” “Brian, money isn’t everything.” “Brian, your work shouldn’t be your identity.” “Brian, be careful or you will burn out.” The same people who say the above statements are also the same people, who probably don’t […]

  • 5 Steps to Behavior Change

    5 Steps to Behavior Change

    In the world of behavior change there are many models out the that show a way, a process, to make behavior changes.  My advice is pick one that works for you.  My goal is to share the information with you, and my hope is that it finds a way to help you in your growth […]

  • How to live a mediocre life

    How to live a mediocre life

    After reading this scientific study, I now know why it is easy for any of us to live a mediocre or average life. Researchers Michael Ross and Anne Wilson out of Waterloo Ontario, Canada, studied the links between, self assessment and autobiographical memory. Self assessment is an assessment or evaluation of oneself or one’s actions and […]