The conduit between I can and I will

Discipline is the one word that can be associated with the success and failures of most people.  Discipline is the willingness to commit to something and see it through. Most people are willing to stand up and say “I commit”.  However, it is a different story altogether when it comes time to implement the necessary disciplines to see the commitment through.

How important is discipline?  It is the most important thing. Again, there are lots of people voicing commitments all day, everyday. But, many of those people never implement the right disciplines to accomplish what it is that they say they are committed to.

Discipline is the conduit that bridges the GAP between “I Can” and “I Will”.  Most of us can make a change.  Most of us can do more than we get paid to do.  Most of us can show up earlier.  Most of us can stay later.  Most of us can eat less, and workout more. Most of us can spend less and invest more. However that GAP between “Can” and “Will” can be as big and as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Discipline is the difference between the sales person that makes five phone calls a day when they should have made 20. The first day that they make 5 instead of 20, isn’t a big deal.  However, if they do it repeatedly over a month or two months, this one little lack of discipline adds up to be a significant problem for them.  By month three, their pipeline of sales have dipped and now they start to see the lack of phone calls showing up in their pay check.

Discipline can also show up or not show with the person who is doing all of the right things when it comes to their health and fitness.  They have the commitment to eat healthier and are making their way into the gym or some kind of physical exercise pretty regularly. However, because they have implemented a few really good disciplines, they allow some slack in their commitment of cutting out certain foods and other activities that are negating the benefits of the other disciplines. So they find themselves in this constant cycle of not getting the results they want.

There are a few steps to discipline. The first step is the awareness that we need to have more discipline in our lives.  Unfortunately, most people never have this awakening to the truth.  They go their entire life living an undisciplined train wreck and then wonder why they can never get the results they desire.

The second step goes back to what was stated earlier in the text.  And that is most people “Can” but the question is “Will” they. Will they make the commitment to a new routine, a new strategy, to bridge the GAP between “I Can” and “I Will” and do what is necessary to achieve what it is that I want to achieve.

The third and final step is your commitment to see it through.  “I can”, “I will”, and I will make sure I see it through all the way to the end, by implementing new disciplines in my life to achieve my goals.

It is without a doubt that one discipline leads to another. Once you make a commitment to a new discipline, the results that come from that new discipline are so motivating that it pushes you to create other ones in your life.  A disciplined life changes your attitude. It is fuel for all of your desires once you start seeing momentum, all it takes is the decision to make the change and implement a new discipline.

Most people get so focused on the destination that they don’t think about a new direction.  Sure, we all seek to get to a new destination, but to get there it requires us first to see and go down a new path, a new direction.

So what can you do now.  The first step is become aware of what it is in your life that needs some additional attention.  Become aware of the person you are and the person you want to be.   Then decide. Make the decision that today “I can” and “I will”.  I will do whatever it takes to accomplish the person I want to be. I will bridge the gap, between “I can” and “I will” and become what it is I was destined to be. And then lastly, I will commit to see it all the way through until the new me is accomplished.

Discipline bridges all gaps, when you are first starting out you may not know where and how to get there, by creating disciplines to seek and take action it will eventually lead to that place you are seeking to go.

To your success and your future.





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