An underdog story!

We all love the underdog story.  The story of the team, the person, the company, that was not given a chance to win.  All of the odds were against them.  Their backs were against the wall.  Nobody believed in them. Everybody said they couldn’t.

While all of the naysayers, their so called friends, their colleagues, their supporters, and their haters were telling them to give up. To quit.  That it couldn’t be done.

They instead didn’t listen to the people.  You know who those people are.

They are typically the ones who never got into the game to begin with.  They are the ones that didn’t care to win as much as the underdog wanted to win.  They are the ones who have never taken a risk.  They are the ones who said, “Hey, if you go first, I will follow you!”  They are the ones that don’t know what passion is.  They are the ones that at the first sight of a challenge, they are saying we have to stop.

So what does the underdog do.  They do go first.  They lead. They do take a risk.  They do lay it all on the line.  They say you know what, our backs are against the wall.  We are out of money, we are out support, but you know what?

I believe.  I believe in this cause.  I believe we are winners.  I believe we have what everyone needs and wants.  The market needs our product.  The people need to hear our voice.

You might be thinking right now that the author is talking about Donald Trump.  And you would be right.  But the author is also talking about Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Apple, Ford Motor Company, Kentucky Fried Chicken, IBM, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Cavaliers, and countless other people, teams, and businesses.

I don’t know where you are in your life right now.  Maybe you are in a good place and doing well.  If so, congratulations.

However, maybe you are not in a great place, now that this election is over, you are tired, scared, and worried about your future. Maybe you don’t know what the next step is for you. Maybe your back is against the wall. Your money is running low, your self-esteem is low, your friends aren’t supportive, and you just want to quit.

My advice is simple.  We are all underdogs at one point or another.  Most of us have some highs and lows, hopefully never too low.  But life truly is a rollercoaster.  Rollercoasters are supposed to be fun, but they aren’t when you are riding one every single day of your life.

What you need to do now is remember that your story is waiting to be written. You might be an underdog today, but you can be a champion tomorrow.  You might be broke today, but you can be rich soon.  You might be lonely right now, but you can have all the friends you want if you just try.

Today, take the next steps to becoming the person you want to be.  You can be anything you want.  Donald Trump is now the president-elect.  Hillary Clinton was the first female to be a presidential candidate for one of the two major parties. Neither one of them earned those credentials overnight.  Nope. It took years and years of fighting back and being an underdog time and time again, to finally become an underdog story that we now look to for inspiration.

To your success and your future.







One response to “An underdog story!”

  1. Simon Avatar

    The good thing is the underdog took part and participated. If you don’t participate there is no chance of a win.

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