Three essentials to your success arsenal

There are many things that we can add to our tool box that can help us be even more successful than we are today.  However, many times, those things can come across cumbersome and may not even be realistic.

I want to keep your success arsenal simple by giving you three things to think about for your success toolkit.  When you focus on these three things, success will no doubt be yours to grab and to keep.  However, for you to grab and keep success, you must constantly work on these three areas.  Learning, refining, and experimenting is always the key to success in anything.

Mindset: Yes.  Everything begins and ends with your mindset.  If your mindset is not right, success can never be yours.  I am not saying that there won’t be hard days, challenging days, or days that you want to quit.  That would be unrealistic. However, your mindset can determine how you deal with those things when they do come up.  Because they will.  And they always do.

Tool Kit:  Have you ever worked on a home project and didn’t have the right tools.  If you are like me, you have that old toolbox with a wrench, a few screwdrivers, a hammer, and maybe some miscellaneous tools that got handed down to you from your father or grandfather.  And they probably had it handed down to them by theirs.

What inevitably always happens is you start a project around the house and you think you have all the right tools.  As you get in to the project you find that the tools you do have just aren’t working as well.  So you get in the car and drive to your local Home Depot or Lowes and buy a few tools and come back to the house.  You might make some progress on the project and then run in to another snag.  You look it up a possible solution on YouTube and you find out that if you had this one tool it would make it all easy for you.  So again, you get in your car and head to Lowes or Home Depot and buy that tool.  You then head back home, and now hopefully you are able to finish the project.

I don’t know about you, but this has happened to me many times.  So much so, that I now just refuse to do home projects.  But that is another story for another day.

It is important for all of us to constantly feed our brains with new tools that can help us be successful in life, in business, in our professions, in our budgeting, our planning, our marriage, etc.  You name it.  In today’s world, there are always new things coming out that can help us be more efficient, more effective, and better equipped to handle whatever it is that comes our way.

If you are in sales.  Developing new prospecting techniques is always a must.  If you just think about how social media has impacted this process.  Are you equipped with the tool kit to be successful in your business now because of all of the changes and utilizing social media to prospect more effectively? Or for that matter, successfully make sales in today’s business landscape?

If you are in leadership. Are you constantly learning and refining your leadership style. As the generations in the workforce are changing.  And people as whole are changing. People want different things from their jobs and their supervisors.  Do you as a leader have enough tools in your tool kit to successfully lead in today’s world?

Sales and leadership are just two easy examples of professions that need constant attention on developing new tools to execute in these professions successfully.  However, there are many.  Marketing, Accounting, Social Media, etc. to name a few more.  Let me ask you: Is your took kit equipped with the right tools?

Skillset:  If your mind is right and we have the right tools in our tool kit, we can now develop new skills. And this should be the goal for everyone. Well, two goals: Develop new skills and refine and enhance our current skills.  Both of these are important to success.

Look around and ask yourself who in your profession (maybe it is you) is the Michael Jordan (if you don’t know who that is, look him up, #GOAT) of your profession?  Who is the best?  And why do you consider them the best?

The chances are they have developed, refined, and continued to work on developing their skillset in your profession.  They didn’t get to a point and stop learning.  They didn’t get as successful as they wanted to be and stop trying to become better.  If they truly are the best in the profession, the chances are they have continued to evolve and develop their skillset to where it is today. Which has allowed them to be the best.

If you want to be the best. You will have to constantly work on the three areas we defined here. Our mindset determines a lot of what we get or don’t get out of life.  Your ability to seek, find, and develop new tools that can help you be successful is going to always be required. Things are constantly changing, and we must change with them. Lastly, to become the best in anything we are doing, or just becoming better than average if that is your goal.  It will require you to develop a skill set in whatever it is you do that is exceptional and constantly being refined and tweaked.

To your success and your future.



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