Your two options: Nothing or Something, which one will you choose?

Everyday I give myself two options.  I can either go to the gym or go out for a run.  These are my two options that I give myself.  These are the only two options I give myself.  I am not saying that from time to time that I don’t take a day off.  However, 99.9% of the time, I am deciding on which of my two workouts I will do on a given day.

This morning started out like most Monday mornings.  Regardless, of how much sleep I get or don’t get on Sunday night.  I always seem to wake up on Mondays pretty easily and with a lot of energy.  Today was no different.  Like many days of the week, I threw on my running shoes and took off.  My goal was to run for an hour.  This is my last week of prep before next weekends half-marathon.  This will be my sixth time running in a half marathon.

The reason I only have these two options is because I refuse to give myself any other options. I refuse to allow myself the option of doing nothing.  This doesn’t even cross my mind.  I have erased that option from my head.  It doesn’t even come in to play. I eliminated the “nothing” decision years ago.  My health is too important to allow a do nothing decision to even be considered.

There is a famous quote that states this:  “If it is important you will find a way. If it’s not important, you will find an excuse.”  Most people spend their day wasting their energy on this decision by itself.  They haven’t made the decision that whatever it is they want to do is important.  They instead have to make this same decision every single day:

  • “Is this important enough to me to do something” or
  • “Maybe it is not important to me, so I should do nothing.”

We as humans know that we can’t leave ourselves to have to make these decisions every day, because when we are left to do this, we will eventually start making the decision to do nothing.

Today, you have to decide in your head whether or not you will make the decision to pursue something or do nothing. You can’t leave yourself to battle with yourself everyday on whether you should or should not do something. You have to make the decision in your head that you will not allow any excuse to cross your mind any more.

What is it for you that you need to decide on. Is it going back to school to get a degree, or an advanced degree?  Is it eating healthier?  Is it making exercise part of your daily routine?  Is it pursuing a new career? Is it creating a budget, so you can get out of debt?  All of these decisions are decisions you need to make today. You don’t want to leave yourself the option to do nothing. Instead you want to make the decision that no matter what happens you will do something today to pursue a better future for yourself.

To your success and your future.



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