The number one reason you haven’t made any progress

For the last four or five years I have been involved in a lot of different businesses.  I started a business and I worked within a company.  Inside that company, I also had some other business ventures.  All of the things I was involved in I could say they were interrelated.  However, the fact that I had so many things going on, I couldn’t really focus on any one of them, and do it well.

You really can’t be good at multiple things.  You have to pick one thing and try to be great at it.  Once you become great at it, then you can try to diversify.

So about a year ago I turned to a colleague of mine who I seek information from on some of my business dealings. I went to them and was asking for some advice. At the time, I don’t think what they said was what I was expecting them to say.  However, it proved to be great advice and I remind myself of it daily.

They said to me, “Brian you can be successful at anything you want.  You are good at this, that, and this. However, you haven’t committed to any of them fully. You haven’t sold yourself out to one thing.  And until you totally sell yourself out, and fully commit to one thing, you will never have success.”

Honestly, I believe I may have softened it up a little.  However, you get the point of the message.  Here I was thinking I was doing the right things.  I was diversifying and exploring different options.  However, I never fully committed to any of them.  I was having marginal success at a lot of different things.  Marginal commitment will only get you marginal successes.

In my case this was the wake up call that I needed.  I needed to fully commit to one thing, and quit using the excuse of all of the things, to not accomplish any one thing. And that is what I have done.  And they were right.  As soon as I fully committed to one thing, I have had some huge successes with it.

Let me ask you.  Have you fully committed yet?  The answer is probably no.  You haven’t fully committed to losing that 20 or 30 lbs. If you have been working on it for longer than six months, you would have already lost it by now.

If it is saving more money that you committed to.  Let me ask you.  Have you saved any reasonable amount of money?  I mean reasonable to you.  Since I don’t know what that is.  Let me just say this.  Have you saved $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 dollars yet?  If not, you haven’t fully committed to saving.

What about cutting your debt.  How much have you cut?  If you have been working on this for six months or so.  You should easily have cut several thousand dollars. Easily.  Why haven’t you?  You are still eating out and spending on unnecessary things.

Regardless of your what the commitment is.  Have you made any progress?  Here it is August, well, three days from September.  You are nine months in to the new year.  How much progress have you made towards you goals?  If it is marginal.  Then let me just tell you.  You have had a marginal commitment to your goals.

If you want success in anything, a half commitment will only get you, at best a marginal result.  Lets face it.  Things are hard to accomplish.  You can put all of your effort in to something and only get a little bit of return.  So you can only imagine.  Well, you don’t have to imagine, because this is what you are doing.  But a half commitment will get you very little, if any, results.

My challenge for you is this.  Sell out.  Just like my colleague told me.  You have to fully commit to something and go all in on it.  You can’t take days off from it.  You have to be all in, all of the time.  This is the only way to success.  This is the only way to accomplish something you have never accomplished before.

Lastly, if you say you have been fully committed you are wrong.  You need to look again at your plan and say. Where have a I not been fully committed. I know it is hard, but you have to be honest with yourself.  Something has to be changed.

To your success and your future.




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