If it is that bad, just leave!

I am not sure what has brought us to this point in the current workforce and culture, but it seems to have permeated itself in both. And that is that people would rather stay and complain, instead of leave and be happier perhaps.

I can’t count the number of conversations I had with employees over the years, that complained about everything our current employer was doing that they disagreed with and even hated.  In my position, as a middle manager, it was my job to execute many of these initiatives that people disagreed with.  And many times, I may have even been the one creating the initiative.  Inevitably, the person that was upset about the situation, had their one-sided view-point and weren’t aware of the bigger issues at large that prompted many of the decisions.

The decisions or the reason for the decisions are not the point of this post though.  The point is that I have watched and continue to watch people think that they have to stay even when they vehemently disagree with the situation. And the solution to this problem is simple.  “Just leave”.

Now many of the snowflakes that are reading this post disagree with the simple statement of “Just Leave”.  Look, if you are constantly looking at everything through the eyes that the company is out to get you.  Or that people are wanting to hold you down, or hold you back.   Then no matter what decisions are made you are going to look at the decisions through these eyes.

If you always see the bad in people, then it is going to be hard for me to convince you to see the good. Instead you and I will constantly go in circles on decisions that have been made, and initiatives that are being pursued.

Look no company is perfect.  No leader is perfect.  A lot of my training includes equipping executive leaders and managers with the soft skills and leadership skills to create an engaged workforce.  Most managers and leaders, and most people for that matter, want to treat people well, and treat people fairly.

Nobody who is reading this post now, can argue the fact that in general people are good, in general people want to treat others like themselves, and treat them well.

We all have to remember that businesses have to make a profit.  And the person who has taken the risk and created a business should be one of the people who make the most profit.  They took the risk, they did the work, they showed up, they should be fairly compensated for it.  If you disagree with that, then again, I would tell you to “Just Leave” and go and do your own thing.

No system will be perfect.  No situation will ever be totally and evenly distributed. All of life is made up on compromises and imperfections. If you are only looking for a perfect situation in an imperfect world, then you will always be disappointed.

To your success and your future.




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