The biggest myth we all tell ourselves

In a far, far, place…way off into the future.  It could be six months, one year, three years, or ten years.  This future place, it is pretty magical.

We have less stress in our lives.  We have more time to do the things we want to do.  The kids are more self-sufficient.  Work is demanding less.  We have more money. We have better support.

This future place is just amazing.  Its like free ice cream and pizza all day long.  And they never run out.

Now if you haven’t picked up on it yet.  I will bust your bubble now.  This future place.  Where we have more time.  More money. Less stress.  Less demands, etc.  Well, it doesn’t really exist does it?

If you are like most people, you actually tell yourself that it does exist. It is a myth. This mythical place in the future will never come to exist in your present.  Because in the future, you will find other things, activities, and needs that must be accomplished before you can take on the things you would like to do.

Since this place doesn’t exist. Why do we keep telling ourselves it does? Why do we keep delaying the things that are important to us?  Why do we keep procrastinating?  Why don’t we just make the time to do the things we want and should be doing?

As my mentor told me “I don’t know the answers, but I have an opinion.”

My first opinion is:  Whatever it is that we are telling ourselves we will do in the future, just hasn’t become important enough to us in the present.  

A well-known example of this that you have probably witnessed or it may have even happened to you or someone close to you.   The person that is unhealthy, doesn’t exercise, maybe smokes, is overweight by a lot. And one day they get the bad test result from the doctor.  Or the chest pain.  Or the, you name it.  Then they decide at that moment that they are going to change.  And from that day going forward they make eating right and exercising a priority.  They find the time.  They find the money. They find whatever it is they need to ensure that they are making time for their health.

My second opinion is this. Very similar to the other, but a little different variation. We don’t think it can happen to us.  My job is safe.  I have been here for years.  I have a lot of experience.  I get a long with everyone here.  They can’t replace me. Sound familiar.  Yes.

Instead of learning new skills and becoming more valuable to our company.  We just think everything is good and we will always have a job.  Then we all have heard this story before.  The company loses a big contract.  Or technology disrupts the business.  Or you name it, happens.  And the person that was safe is no longer employed.

Lets be honest here.  If one of the two above didn’t strike a chord with you.  Then my guess is, you aren’t a human.  We all have been surprised at one time or another, because we chose to delay and put off something that we should have been doing.  We thought that there would be more time in the future to accomplish those things. It could have been saving for retirement, focusing on our health, spending time with kids, investing in our own education and skill development. You pick the topic.

My advice is simple. Whatever you think is a good idea to do in the future.  The chances are, it is a good idea to do now. You just have to find the time, energy, and discipline to make it happen. The magical place in the future doesn’t exist.

If it is good enough to do in the future, it is good enough to do now.

To your success and your future.







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