I can’t even argue about this…. anymore.

Like most of you, I have found myself, even more so recently, in very strong disagreements  with regards to politics.  And through these disagreements I have discovered a few things, but none as important as this one thing…

I cannot argue with someone who sees things totally opposite of the way I see it. And in many cases those individuals refuse to see the other side of an opinion because of their dislike of one politician or the other.  We will just agree to disagree and I can love those individuals for who they are.

To take it step further on one example where I have recently had this disagreement, which prompted this writing. Was on the topic of the bonuses that a lot of companies are paying their employees because of the recent tax cuts.

I personally believe that this is a very good thing. From everything I can tell, these businesses were not going to pay these bonuses out to their employees otherwise. Additionally, whether the tax cuts prompted them to do it or not.  The fact remains, employees of many organizations received additional compensation that they weren’t going to get before, because of the change in the tax structure.

Now, I see this as a very positive thing.  Since I am in business, I share a lot of business related articles and headlines frequently across my social media channels.  And I had someone who wanted to turn this positive situation into a negative one.

I believe their comment was something like this, I am paraphrasing, but this is the gist.

“Big deal, these billion dollar corporations, are giving a few thousand dollars away, this is nothing to these companies to give this money away.”  Basically they believe that this is some kind of publicity stunt, and secondly, that a few thousand dollars is not that much money to the company’s bottom line over all.  They had the money in the first place is their belief.

Two problems I have with this statement which prompted me to write this blog.

First:  These companies didn’t owe these employees this money. These employees made a decision to work for these companies at whatever wage they work at.  If they didn’t like what they were earning they wouldn’t be there.  Or they shouldn’t be there. So the fact that the company decides, because of economic conditions, we are going to give you more money. This is a positive thing.  I don’t know how in the hell anyone could see it any other way, unless you are just completely out of touch.

Secondly: The amount of money.  The amount of money shouldn’t matter either.  Anything more than zero should be considered a nice gesture. Period. Again, these companies were already in an agreement with these individuals. Now, the company was changing the game on them in a way that benefits the employees.  They should be happy about that.  And I am sure most were and most people would be.  Except for the people who are always thinking they deserve more.

And that brings me to my final point and why I can’t even argue anymore about these kinds of things.  Here is the fundamental issue. I grew up in a family of five where our household income growing up may have been $30-40K.  To some that is a lot.  But it didn’t feel like we had a lot. I chose to go to college and educate myself, and then after college I continued to educate myself. This has afforded me the ability to earn more than my parents could have ever dreamed of earning.  And they are both proud of me for it.

But I cannot argue with someone who fundamentally believes that just because one person, or one company, has accumulated more money and resources because of their hard work, diligence, and discipline.  That they should be required to share those resources and that money with others.  Or, to take it a step further and get really political, that because of their success that they should be required to give more of it to the people who haven’t had the same level of success. And honestly they do share in both of these scenarios, because of the taxes they do pay, but that is besides the point.

And sadly enough in this argument/discussion we are actually talking about a company who chose to share their resources voluntarily, but that still wasn’t enough.

I am sure I will find myself in future discussions about these topics.  Instead of getting upset and trying to prove my point.  I will just remind myself that I need to love these individuals for who they are.  And also remind myself that I cannot change a persons mind or opinion, who fundamentally believes something so opposite of my beliefs.  I will be respectful of their opinions and listen, but I will not waste my time to try and convince them.

To your success and your future.







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