The three people in your life you can’t spend too much time with

Here is the reality of life, most of us are getting our advice from the people closest to us. When we are born we are born in to a family good or bad, and the things we see and are exposed to influence how we make decisions and how we interpret things.

I don’t want to take any thing away from the way I was brought up. Because 90% of what I learned from my parents and grandparents was the right stuff. Manners, how to treat people, ethics, faith, laws, etc. They were all the right things.

But there is a list of things that I learned from them that was the wrong way to think about things. And I say the wrong things, because it doesn’t align with what I want out of my life. People can’t teach the things they don’t possess. So often, we are getting our advice from the people who don’t possess the skills or the knowledge of the things we are looking for.

This may sound harsh, but it is the hard truth. If you are trying to get healthy and lose weight, you aren’t going to take advice from people who are overweight and unhealthy. If you are looking to have more faith and god in your life, you shouldn’t ask someone who doesn’t have those things in their life.

But what happens is we all have people in our circles that are influencing how we look at things. As you want to start making changes and going in a different direction than you currently are, some of those people in your circles aren’t going to possess or be able to give you the advice you need to be successful in your new endeavors.

Here are three people you should stop listening to that may be influencing your decisions.

The person who is doing less than you.

To get something you have never had before takes more than you have given before. To say it a different way. You are the accumulation of the decisions you have made in your life up to his point in your life. I understand some people get some hard breaks from time to time that are out of your control. But outside of a major health issue you are and always have been in control of the decisions you have made.

If you are taking advice from someone who is doing less than you are, you will never get more than you are getting today. There are people in your life that are doing less and will encourage you to do less.

The person who has never been to the place you want to go.

Once you identify where you want to go in your life, your career and your business. You have to identify people in your life that have also been there.

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life and my career early on. I was attached to certain people in my life. And these are great people. Many of them are still in my life. However, you have to to do an honest assessment and ask yourself. Are these people where I ultimately want to be? Secondly, do they have the experience in navigating and having success where I ultimately want to be?

The best example I can give you is this. I hung around people for the longest time that had a few rental properties. I talked to these people and enjoy these relationships. However, I wanted to do bigger and better things and own bigger properties. So I had to get in a room and start learning from people who were doing these things.

I wanted to earn a six figure income in my twenties. But I was hanging around very few people that were actually doing this. And the ones that were, it had taken them a long time to get there. Both of these things were holding me back from getting there in the timeframe I wanted to get there.

The person that is 100 times further than you want to be.

Yeah, this may sound controversial, but it is true. You can’t go from 0-100. It isn’t reality. Your mind just can’t wrap itself around the significant changes you have to make to be able to get there at this point in your development.

Secondly, the people that are already here doing these things. They have forgotten all of the little steps it took them to get where they are. It’s like picking up the book and starting your reading from the middle of the book. You don’t have all of the knowledge and back story that came in the front of the book. So all of the pieces of the story going forward aren’t going to connect and make sense.

You have to find the person that is far enough in front of you that gets you excited but also seems doable. The internet has created people that you can connect with easily that have a compelling message that they can help you get where you want to go. But their business is 100 times further along and their message although compelling. They just can’t help you from where you are at this point. You aren’t ready and they aren’t focused on the early steps that they had to take to get where they are at this point.

The internet has also created a lot of scam artists. They say they are one thing, but once you pull the curtains back you find out that they really aren’t who they say they are.

Maybe you can identify with one of these kinds of people in your life. If so, you don’t have to cut them out of your life. But you do need to ask yourself how much time are you spending with them and is it too much? Only you can decide.

To get where you never have been you have to get around people who have been there and stop spending too much time with the people who aren’t helping you get where you want to go.

To your success and your future.


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