4 Ways to crush your goals that you have never been told.

Yep, it’s that time of the year again. My hope is you take some time over the next week or so and take a look at what you did or didn’t do in 2022 and decide how 2023 will and can be different.

Here is the truth, most people don’t accomplish their goals because they never set them to begin with. I can hear the whining now. People are saying that they have goals set. But they can’t show you what they are. They live in their head and they aren’t specific.

I am not going to make another post about setting SMART goals. You can look that up for yourself and I would encourage you to do it because it is important. However, I believe the four things I outline here are even more important.

  1. Make sure it gets you excited:

    Most people treat goal setting as a one time event and look at it again a year from the time they set it. There are very few people that actually look at their goals monthly or even quarterly and see how they are progressing.

    One of the best things I have ever done is set very big goals that i write down daily. Now most people think you are writing the same very specific SMART goals down every single day. And maybe that is the case sometimes. But the ones I write down daily are the big fish, the big dogs that I am working towards.

    Writing them daily reminds you every single day what you working towards. These are the ones that are exciting because when you accomplish them you will be a totally different person.

    One of the goals I have had for about four years is to own 100 Income Producing Real Estate Doors. In the real estate investing world a good measurement, right or wrong, is how many doors a person has. Now there are all different kinds of measurements. Such as cash flow, NOI, free cash flow, Assets under management (AUM), etc. you could measure. But I am focused on the big picture. I know if I can get 100 doors, based off my current 52 doors revenue stream, what I could expect to earn from 100 doors.

    This goal gets me excited, because I know when I accomplish it, my family and I will be in a different position than we are today.

    Make sure your goals excite you. 30 doors isn’t big enough for me to get me excited because it doesn’t totally alter my life. Remember that.
  2. Write them down daily:

    Now that you have some that excite you. You have to write them down daily. Like I said you aren’t going to write down the very spefiic actions you have to take to get to your goals on a daily basis, but writing down the big targets you are working towards daily will keep you motivated and excited to do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

    For me to get to my 100 doors goal, I have to earn income in my full time job to be able to create the cash so I can invest in income producing real estate. By writing my goal of 100 doors down everyday, it reminds me that I have to make X amount of calls today in my job so I can produce enough sales to generate that income so we can invest in more doors.

    Making the calls and doing the follow up isn’t exciting. However, knowing that when I am successful at this part of my job I will get closer to my ultimate bigger goal is exciting. And this is what you need every single day to keep you going.
  3. Turn up the heat:

    Something that is often forgotten about in the road of success is the frequency of the actions necessary to achieve the goals you are working towards.

    For example: If your goal is to lose 5 lbs in the next month. If you eat the right way one day a week and excerise one day a week. How likely are you to accomplish that goal?

    The answer is: Not very likely. Because you aren’t doing the necessary actions with enough frequency. How much frequency is necessary? Well, I answer that question with a question. How quickly do you want to accomplish the goal?

    If you turn up the heat and the frequency of the actions necessary to accomplish your goals, then you are most likely to accomplish those goals faster.

    What actions do you need to take in the new year with more frequency?
  4. Shout out your progress:

    This is the one that will most likely get some pushback. I know success and accomplishing goals is really an inside game. Meaning it is you competing with yourself. Your ego, your motivation, your procrastination. However, accomplishing new things is hard. Most likely the goal you are looking to achieve you haven’t achieved it before. So it is going to require more of you than ever before.

    Along the way you are going to need some affirmation to add fuel to what you are doing. I know it shouldn’t be necessary, your own internal motivation and celebration is enough. However, it is helpful. Whether it is your wife, your girlfriend, a parent, a co-worker, etc. Sharing that goal and your accomplishment can provide you a little more fuel.

    I wish you a better 2023 than your 2022.

    To your success and your future.


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