How to earn PASSIVE INCOME without hassle.

A syndication deal in real estate is a structure where multiple investors pool their money together to purchase and manage a property or portfolio of properties. The investors are known as limited partners, and they provide capital in exchange for a share of the income and potential appreciation of the property.

The general partner, who is responsible for managing the property and making investment decisions, typically provides a small amount of capital but takes a larger share of the profits.

The benefits of investing in a syndication deal include:

  1. Access to larger, more expensive properties that would be difficult for an individual investor to purchase on their own
  2. Professional management of the property by the general partner
  3. Diversification of the investor’s portfolio
  4. Potential for higher returns than individual real estate investments, due to the economies of scale and expertise of the general partner.
  5. Actual cash flow quarterly or monthly.

As a passive investor, you would be putting your money into the deal and receiving a share of the income and potential appreciation of the property, but you would not be involved in the day-to-day management of the property. Your return on investment would come from the cash flow generated by the property, as well as any appreciation in value of the property when it is eventually sold.

Syndication deals are out performing the stock market significantly. And you know exactly where your money is going to. Instead of sending it to Wall Street and financing companies that don’t align with your values. Or even worse, companies that are funding the demise of the United States. Invest in to real estate deals that actually send you cash flow.

If you want to learn more about syndication and how you can earn passive income from investing your hard earned dollars with a great general partner complete the form below.

To your success and your future.


2 responses to “How to earn PASSIVE INCOME without hassle.”

  1. realtors journal Avatar
    realtors journal

    well written

  2. braincharger Avatar

    How a syndication deal compares with investment in REITs (in terms of performance and so on)?

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