13 reasons to invest in income producing real estate.

If you aren’t sold on why you should have real estate in your investment portfolio, maybe I can share with you 13 more reasons why you should consider it.

I am not stocks and bonds guy. I don’t believe in giving money to companies that I don’t believe in. I also don’t want to invest in companies that don’t align with my values. Lastly, I want control over my investments. Real estate provides me the security of knowing where my money is invested, who is managing it, cash flow today, and lastly it is providing a service that people need.

  1. Potential for passive income: Rentals can generate consistent cash flow.
  2. Appreciation: Real estate has historically appreciated over time, leading to capital gains.
  3. Tax benefits: Real estate investors can take advantage of tax deductions, such as depreciation.
  4. Diversification: Adding real estate to a portfolio can help spread risk and reduce volatility. The only diversification I believe in when it comes to investing is invest in different types of real estate.
  5. Tangible asset: Real estate is a physical asset with value, as opposed to stocks or bonds.
  6. Inflation hedge: Real estate values can increase with inflation, providing a hedge against its impact.
  7. Leverage: Real estate can be purchased with a mortgage, enabling investors to control more assets with less money.
  8. Relatively low volatility: Real estate markets tend to experience less rapid price swings compared to stock markets.
  9. Potential for rental income growth: As rental prices increase, rental income can also increase.
  10. Long-term investment: Real estate is a long-term investment that can provide stability and growth over time.
  11. Housing shortages: There is a need for more affordable housing than ever before.
  12. Innate need: Housing is an innate need for everyone. The virtual world will never replace real assets and real housing. People are real and need a place to live.
  13. Build wealth: All of the above reasons help you build wealth over time through appreciation, cash flow, and debt pay down.

If you still aren’t convinced you need to add real estate to your portfolio, I encourage you to sign up below to be sure you continue to receive ours posts.

To your success and your future.


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