5 reasons you haven’t taken action.

There have been many times in my life when I just felt stuck. I didn’t know what the next steps were. In these cases, I have had to take a step back and question what is driving this “stuck” feeling and what do I need to do stop it.

Here are some ideas that I have had to come back to that have helped me get unstuck.

1. Lack of Clarity and Focus: Are my goals clear and are the big enough. If they aren’t big enough to make a difference in your life, then you might not find the motivation to p pursue them (see #4 below). Many individuals struggle with setting clear, measurable, and specific goals. Without clear direction and focus, individuals may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin and may end up procrastinating or not taking action at all.

2. Fear of Failure: The fear of failure can be a powerful barrier to taking action towards one’s goals. This fear can come from past experiences of failure, a fear of criticism or judgment, or a fear of the unknown. This fear can lead to self-doubt, indecision, and a lack of motivation to take action.

What I have found for me is that fear isn’t really an overt feeling you have. It doesn’t come right out and say to you, don’t do this because you might fail. To me it may be an underlying unconscious thing, but it isn’t top of mind.

3. Perfectionism: Perfectionism can also hold people back from taking action towards their goals. People who are perfectionists may feel that their efforts are never good enough and may be afraid of making mistakes. This can lead to procrastination, as individuals may continually delay taking action in order to ensure that everything is perfect.

Timing will never be perfect and if you care about what you are doing, the thing you are doing will never be perfect. In the technology world they use something called the MVP. Minimal Viable Product. Which means, we have to get a product in use at its lowest, but still useful stage so people can start using it and as they are using it, we will make corrections as needed. This is why most technology, apps, social media sites, etc. get better over time.

4. Lack of Motivation: Individuals may lack motivation to take action towards their goals for a variety of reasons. This may include feeling overwhelmed, feeling uninspired, or simply feeling like the goal is too difficult to achieve. A lack of motivation can result in a lack of energy and a lack of drive to take action.

Show me a person that doesn’t have any motivation and I will show you a person who doesn’t have any clear goals set. See #1 above. You must have clear goals set. But they must be exciting goals that you actually care about. The goals must also stretch you enough that it actually matters.

Going from a two hour half-marathon down to an hour and forty-five minute half marathon is a significant change and requires more from an individual to be able to knock that amount of time off their race. But going from a two hour half-marathon to an hour and fifty-five minute race isn’t that significant and most likely won’t motivate you enough to actually do the work necessary to accomplish the goal.

5. Distractions: Distractions can be a major barrier to taking action towards one’s goals. In today’s world, there are many distractions that can easily pull our attention away from our goals, such as social media, email, or even just day-to-day tasks. These distractions can prevent individuals from focusing on their goals and taking action to achieve them.

We all get distracted in life. However, if you have clear goals set, that you really care about then you wont allow the distractions to prevent you from taking action.

My hope is you found this post helpful as you are deciding to take action in your life.

The thing I didn’t mention here, but is as important as any of the five. Is to commit. Without commitment nothing really matters much. Commit and go all in.

To your success and your future.

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    its all about passive income you put in the work in first, give value and then people will trust you and will always buy from you

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