The 10 facts of life that nobody talks about enough.

From time to time we all think about life and the things we have learned along the way. If you don’t do this, you should. Because so often we are living our busy life we don’t take the time to really understand our life. You have to to take the time to think.

I had a birthday last week. It wasn’t any kind of special one, although, I will argue that all of them our special. But it wasn’t one we would call a big one in our society. Like turning in to a new decade and definitely not fifty yet, and not anywhere near twenty-one.

It has me thinking though, the calendar doesn’t say anything significant has happened. Just another year in my middle forties.

However, I do see a change in my behavior and my overall thinking on a variety of different topics. The reality is you just learn some things along the way that you can only learn along the way. And I have learned other things because I have made it one of my lifes mission to continue to read and learn.

Do you want to see my 10 things?

  1. Life is shorter than you think.
    Yes. You just wake up one day and you are in your middle forties. And I am like I don’t feel like high school was that long ago. But it was. It was literally 26 years ago. Hard to believe.
  2. Life is longer than you think. You might be saying “You just said it was shorter than you think.” It can be both. When you are in your teens it seems forever. But as you get older you really how much shorter it is. So my advice is we have to help our youth enjoy their youth.
  3. K-12 is a total waste of time. 1. It is way too long. We should cut this down by half and hopefully the internet helps do this.
  4. Having good character is the most important characteristic a person needs. If you don’t know what this means, look it up.
  5. Reading books is the most important thing a person can do to educate themselves outside of doing the actual thing they learned about. I am not sure how to help kids learn this at a young age. I wish I would have. But the best thing you can do is reward your children for reading. When I was young I would have probably learned to love reading more if I got a candy bar every time I finished a book. And got to read the things I was interested in.
  6. Follow the money. You may have heard this before. But it is true now more than ever. People will sell their soul for money. I would encourage you to not do this. However, in our consumer driven culture it is the reality. Most people you see or hear on any platform has most likely sold out for the money.
  7. If you work really hard for 3-5 years and get out of debt and make some investments you can set yourself up for a lifetime. If you are in debt. Get out of debt first. But next, invest your money aggressively for 3-5 years and this will pay dividends for the rest of your life.
  8. Get yourself some get debt as early as you can. Again, I know you are thinking I just said get out of debt. And I did. But what I mean here is get yourself some get debt early in life. The kind of debt that earns you a return on the debt and the item you used that debt to buy must appreciate. It could be your own business or real estate. Although I am a fan of Dave Ramsey, I disagree with him on the whole not using debt to earn a higher return than the debt costs you.
  9. Your true inner circle will be small. Sure, you will have a lot of friends and acquaintances, but the people who truly have your back when things get hard will be small.
  10. Free time to do what you want is the most important thing on this planet. I know you need resources to be able to enjoy your free time. See #7 and #8. But getting yourself in a position to have control over your calendar and time is really the most important.

What would you add to the list?

I bet my list would have been different two years ago, it I hope it is different two years from now.

I hope you found this post interesting.

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To your success and your future.


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