How much money do I need today versus 2021?

As everyone knows we are in a battle with inflation and it is eating your purchasing power away every single day.

Although the Fed says that inflation has come down to its lowest rate in the last two years. We all know that this number is not representative of what is real in the economy.

We all know housing is significantly higher, groceries are higher, and gas are higher than ever. The number they put out on a monthly basis is so manipulated that I am surprised anybody pays attention to it anymore. I guess we have to have to something to reference.

From time to time when I am writing about the economy, inflation, money, etc. I like to go to this website. It is the US inflation calculator website.

It is actually a pretty interesting website/calculator. Because you can look things up and see how much they would cost today versus a year ago or 100 years ago.

I say it is interesting, but I guess it can also be depressing if you see how much erosion your purchasing power with your money diminishes every year.

For example: Not to get too political here. But under the current Biden Administration who took office in January of 2021. If you look at how much $100,000 dollars was worth on January 2021 versus how much $100,000 dollars is today. It is really sad to see how much inflation has eaten away.

You might be a person that says “Okay Brian, I get it, our money is getting crushed by inflation. What do we do about it?”

Unfortunately, I wish there was a lot you could do, but there really isn’t.

To me the number one thing I have done to fight inflation and the erosion of my money is invest in assets that benefit from inflation. Which the number one thing is real estate.

Real Estate benefits from inflation because as inflation goes up your property value goes up.

I would encourage you to go back and read some of the other articles on my site that show you how real estate benefits from inflation. But now more than ever, I want to encourage you to find ways to protect your money.

To your success and your future.

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