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  • Transition Points: The undersold sale

    Transition Points: The undersold sale

    Life is and should be a constant transition point for most people.  If you don’t have very many transition points, then I would highly encourage you to read further.  Also, as a sales person or a person who wants to influence others, understanding transition points of others can help you sell more and influence more. […]

  • Stop Whining and Start Working

    Stop Whining and Start Working

    Throughout my career I have tried to learn something from just about everyone I have interacted with.  I believe that every single person we interact with has the ability to teach us something that we didn’t already know. You just never know where little life lessons and nuggets of wisdom will come from.  So you […]

  • The Four Self’s

    The Four Self’s

    In the Leadership Training for Managers course from Dale Carnegie  we discuss the Empowerment Cycle that managers can use to coach employees to improve their performance. The empowerment cycle can not only be used as a manager or leader, but we can use it to improve our own performance in our everyday lives. 1st Self: […]

  • Michael Jordan: The Life (What MJ has taught me)

    Michael Jordan: The Life (What MJ has taught me)

    I have read a dozen or so biographies of some of the most historic and prolific individuals that have contributed to our society.  I grew up watching Michael Jordan and I can remember the 1992 USA Olympic Team and my buddy Wes and I playing the Sega or maybe it was the Nintendo basketball game […]

  • The opportunity is in the problems you solve

    The opportunity is in the problems you solve

    I have spoken with people about their own growth and development for years.  This to me is the starting point for a bigger job, a promotion, more money, more opportunities, etc.  You can’t get to the next level without some kind of development to get you there.  Some have been able to get all of […]

  • How to get others to follow your lead

    How to get others to follow your lead

    Whether you are a parent, a spouse, a sales person, a colleague, a leader, a subordinate, you name it, you are constantly seeking to have influence over others.   What I have found in the corporate environment as well as with my personal relationships, when I follow the following acronym I am much more influential. […]

  • How to get promoted on the job

    How to get promoted on the job

    I work with lots of people who ask me all of the time “How do I get promoted”. Here is a solid game plan to get promoted or to make more money in your position.  I have seen this work many, many, many times over and over in my career as well as many others. […]

  • HOT BUTTON MARKETING; book summary

    HOT BUTTON MARKETING; book summary

    Hot Button Marketing “Push the Emotional Buttons that get People to Buy.”  This is the ninth book I have read this year on sales and marketing.  What I liked most about this book is that it really gave a lot of examples of how effective marketing works.  Also, as a trainer I have been training […]

  • 40 hours is the starting line

    40 hours is the starting line

    This morning I was listening to the recorded version of the Dave Ramsey show like I do every morning.  In all his wisdom (which is why I listen) he said to someone who called in that they had competing goals.  I believe the caller was asking if her husband should go back to school or […]

  • What season are you in

    What season are you in

    You know the longer I am in business and in life, I find that this is more true. The second mile, the third mile, and fourth miles are really not that crowded.  The crowd thins out the longer you run. During the week at the office.  The one hour or the two hours before everyone […]