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  • A new season

    A new season

    Over 100 million people watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday.  The New England Patriots were the heavy favorite and rightfully so going into the game.  But, unless you have been hiding the last seventy-two hours you know that they didn’t win. They were beaten by the underdog, the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, I am not […]

  • My broken down car on the side of the road reminded me of how good “people” really are

    My broken down car on the side of the road reminded me of how good “people” really are

    Imagine this, you have been driving on the road for eleven hours.  You are traveling south back home from your hometown where you visited your family for the holidays.  The trip should take about fourteen hours, but because of traffic, and a two-hour delay, you are still five hours from your house. When things start […]

  • #NOEXCUSES2015


    I have decided that #noexcuses2015 will be the motto for me in the year 2015.  I think for the most part I try to live my life that way, however there are times and places where I allow the excuses to creep in as well. I recently conducted a survey with about 100 Sales Professionals. […]

  • Two ears and one mouth

    Two ears and one mouth

    Maybe it is cliché, maybe it is the first time you are hearing it, or reading it.  You have two ears and one mouth and you should at least, yes at least, use them in that proportion.  Meaning you should listen twice as much as you talk.  I would even go a step further and […]

  • The justification

    The justification

    Yep, we have all been there done that “The Justification.”  We have a decision that we have made or we need to make.  It can be big or small, major consequences could come from it, or no consequences.  It could have very little impact on our lives or major impact on our lives.  It could […]

  • “If Only”

    “If Only”

    These are the two most commonly used words within a psychiatrists office says one psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience. What does “If Only” mean?  Well it means a person is living in the past.  Looking back over their past failures, misdeeds, issues, etc. as the reason they are where they are.  As Einstein […]

  • The meter is still running

    The meter is still running

    I am sure most of us have been in a taxi cab before.  If you are like me there have been times when you have been sitting in traffic just watching the meter just keep running.  You are in the back seat just watching the dollars add up.  I really hate that.  It just seems […]

  • A link in the chain

    A link in the chain

    Every discipline that you make in your life will lead to another discipline.  Eventually you will have enough links in the chain to have a well designed life.  Maybe you start off small with just turning the television off and reading/listening to something educational an hour before you would normally turn the television off.  You […]

  • 40 hours is the starting line

    40 hours is the starting line

    This morning I was listening to the recorded version of the Dave Ramsey show like I do every morning.  In all his wisdom (which is why I listen) he said to someone who called in that they had competing goals.  I believe the caller was asking if her husband should go back to school or […]

  • Lift someone up today

    Lift someone up today

    I have heard this before and so have you. Zig Ziglar said:  Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give them yours.  Be careful placing judgment upon others, for you know not what battles they are fighting. I was reminded of these two simple statements last night.  A person in our class came […]