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  • The End is in Sight

    The End is in Sight

    If the rate of change outside your organization is greater and faster than the rate of change inside your organization, the end is in sight. –Jack Welch Jack was talking about business and a company. The organization I am talking about today is YOU.  Yep , You are the CEO, President, COO, VP you name […]

  • Getting out of the pile..C

    As you have read I have been discussing what I have determined, based on my experience are some of the most beneficial things you can do to separate yourself from the pack within a company or organization.  As I write this last blog on this topic, I quickly want to re-cap what I have stated […]

  • Getting out of the pile…A

    Getting out of the pile was something I just did by being who I am, but later learned what it meant from another great leader and quasi-mentor for me, the famous Jack Welch.  Jack Welch says it best.  In every company, every organization, there is a pile, a pile of people all (well most) trying […]

  • What’s easy to do, is easy not to do…

    My mentor Jim Rohn taught me this little saying almost two years ago.  It is a really simple phrase, but it has a lot of meaning.  Since I read this, I am not saying it is easy to follow.  But as I continue to grow in different areas of my life, I find myself repeating […]