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  • Pennies into Fortunes

    Pennies into Fortunes

    Years ago, I listened to one of the most prolific speakers of a generation. He was already dead by the time I learned of him, but I bought everything he had ever written and everything I could buy that he had recorded for listening. He changed my life and therefore changed the trajectory of life. […]

  • 5 Ways to build Trust, Credibility, and Respect for yourself

    5 Ways to build Trust, Credibility, and Respect for yourself

    Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation to a group of Young Professionals.  I will be speaking around the topic of Leadership; How to build Trust, Credibility and Respect. Obviously an interesting topic for this group of people.  Most of the folks that will be in attendance fall into a few different categories in the […]

  • Don’t hate on my SWAGGER!

    Don’t hate on my SWAGGER!

    Call it arrogant or very confident, either one works.  However, you can have swagger only when you are consistently doing the following things.  It isn’t that you are arrogant, you are just extremely confident.  What is wrong with being extremely confident? I find that confidence comes from when I am executing the following things at […]

  • Extra-Ordinary


    What does it mean to be extraordinary?  If being ordinary is having nothing of distinct difference, than we can conclude that to be extraordinary is to be of distinct difference, being different from normal.  Normal is average there is nothing extraordinary about it. Why not be extraordinary today?  Sure it is a long weekend, after […]

  • What is your brand, internally and externally?

    What is your brand, internally and externally?

    I am a trainer by nature and luckily I have been able to turn it into a career.  One of the main reasons I blog is because it allows me to flesh out my thoughts before delivering it. Personal Branding is something I will be speaking to an audience about in one week.  The topic […]