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  • Pennies into Fortunes

    Pennies into Fortunes

    Years ago, I listened to one of the most prolific speakers of a generation. He was already dead by the time I learned of him, but I bought everything he had ever written and everything I could buy that he had recorded for listening. He changed my life and therefore changed the trajectory of life. […]

  • Why you must learn this lesson now to get what you want

    Why you must learn this lesson now to get what you want

    One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is this: If you seek you will find. Not very profound at all. But most people never seek. I have talked about the magic of the seek before. The seek is the most important part of this statement. Because if you are actively […]

  • You’re Going To Miss Me When I’m Gone

    I have spent the last 73 days (based on my calculations) tracking the lockdown, quarantine, shelter in place, or whatever you want to call it. By tracking, I mean I have written a few notes down in my journal.  Nothing too elaborate.  But just some general notes to remind me of the sentiment of what […]

  • How many Thursdays do you have left in your life?

    How many Thursdays do you have left in your life?

    I don’t know about you, but no matter what I do, it seems like I always use more time to do something than I should use.  This is not a new phenomenon.  Actually if you look it up there is actual supposed law for this belief.  Called Parkinson’s Law. Cyril Northcote Parkinson, actually wrote about […]

  • The value in the “ooch”, in decision making.

    Have you ever had to make a very difficult decision in your life? Yes.  We all have.  It could have been one  of those decisions that could greatly impact every aspect of your life.  It could impact your family.  It could impact your finances.  It could require to you make a move to another city, […]

  • Thankfully, I was saved from myself, and here is how to do it

    Thankfully, I was saved from myself, and here is how to do it

    Unfortunately, we don’t get the luxury of benefiting or learning from something until we have actually fully committed to doing whatever it is we are pursuing. How often do you really get to try something out to see if it works?  See if it is what you thought it would be?  Or if it is […]

  • My “Never Quit” list and why I created it

    My “Never Quit” list and why I created it

    Let me start by prefacing this blog with I don’t believe you should keep doing something that isn’t important.  You have to decide what is important and never quit on those things. In my world I have a few of those “Never Quit” items that I outlined in my self-published book titled 7 Ways to […]

  • Everybody is a photographer now

    Everybody is a photographer now

    Over the weekend I was doing a log of writing and reading.  Something that I read that has me thinking about the future.  I wrote down a quote from one of the best marketing minds on the planet, Seth Godin.  He said:  Be in the business of  “Finding Products for your customers, don’t Find customers […]

  • 2 questions you have to ask

    2 questions you have to ask

    How often does this happen?  We go through a situation and we get through it and we once again find ourselves in that same situation again? And we repeat our same actions and get the same results.  Maybe this only happens to me. Here are two questions that you must ask yourself in all situations. […]

  • The old man at the coffee shop

    The old man at the coffee shop

    I have purchased my morning coffee at the same place for the last 10 years, with very few exceptions. Yep, same place, and the same order.  I know everyone here and they all know me. For the last two years, I have worked out of the coffee shop every morning for the first two hours […]