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  • The fast rising Interest Rates explained.

    The fast rising Interest Rates explained.

    Unless you are living under a rock, then you know that the current overall economy isn’t doing that well. No matter the spin coming from the White House and its aligned corporate media telling you other wise, here is the truth. Three things are impacting the economy. Well, four if you count the overall incompetence…

  • Why inflation isn’t going anywhere.

    Why inflation isn’t going anywhere.

    We all know that we are dealing with high inflation. And if you have half a brain cell you also realize that that the governments fake number they produce and I say produce intentionally, because it isn’t rooted in any kind of facts and data to support the number. So what is inflation. In layman’s…

  • More bad news for your hard earned money!

    More bad news for your hard earned money!

    I don’t want you to think I am an expert on this subject. However, I do follow it enough that I understand what is going on and what the consequences are if the US Dollar is no longer the worlds reserve currency. Earlier this week Russia and it looks like Saudi Arabia will soon follow.…