Influence the Eager by leading with Swagger (free download)

Many years ago I started out on a leadership journey.  At that time I didn’t know what leadership really was other than I knew it required me to work harder than everyone else. Which I did this pretty easily.  This is a good place to start I might add.  However, I didn’t have a playbook on how to lead, how to pick the people I should lead, and lastly a major piece that I didn’t see or understand at that time was how to lead yourself.  So after 10 years of grinding it out, learning from my failures, being blessed with some awesome opportunities, and then lastly taking really good notes, I have now created a playbook on what I call the fundamentals of leadership.

I have managed baby boomers, generations X, Y, and now even generation Z.  Here is what I have found about each of those generations in leading them.  They are all just people.  And people are the same today as they were since the beginning of time.  They want to be treated with respect and dignity, they want to be included, and they like to have relationships with others.  What they want from a leader is a vision that they can get excited about, they want their leader to ask their opinion, they want their leader to model the behavior that they are being asked to model.

This blook (a series of blogs turned into a mini-book) hits on exactly the things I mention above.   I call this blook the playbook on how to INFLUENCE people.  There are nine letters in the word INFLUENCE, by following the nine principles I outline, you will no doubt have more influence as a leader, mentor, friend, colleague, and parent.  As a leader it is your job to get people to do the things you want them to do, and you can only do this when you are influential.  This second part of the blook is about hiring people.  Which is a critical function of all leaders.  Leading and managing is one thing, but I outline what you should look for in a team member.  Lastly, and what I think is probably the most important part of the blook, and that is leading yourself.  I call it Swagger.  If you want to have influence and lead people you must have some swagger yourself.  I outline a solid game plan on how you can get more swagger.  Believe me, in leading in today’s business world swagger is not only needed, but it is required and is a must for you to be effective as a leader.

If this blog post has you interested in reading the blook.  You should be able to read the blook in 15 or 20 minutes or less.

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