Only do it!

Over the weekend, I read a great book by one of my favorite authors Seth Godin titled “What to do when its your Turn, and it’s always your turn. He hit on a subject that I have heard him talk about many times before and one in which I talk about quite often.

Many times we as humans will talk ourselves right out of doing something that we know we should do and is in our best interest to do.  “We say the time is not right.” “I am better to do that next week.”  “I will make that call later.”  “I will complete that form after lunch.”  “Well, it’s almost lunch time, I don’t want to get started on something and have to quit.”  “I better start on that in the morning, it is going to take longer than I have right now.”  “These things are better to do on this day versus this day.”

Before we even get started on the task we have talked about why we cant do it.  We know we should do it and we intend on doing it, but we have already started delaying the task before we ever do it.

What if we just decided to “Only do It.”  Meaning we don’t talk about doing it, we don’t think about doing it, we don’t have a meeting to discuss doing it, we don’t ask for advice from others on doing it, we only do it. What would be our results if we “only do it”?

I was running about three weeks ago, thinking about some goals and plans that I want to accomplish in 2015.  As I was running, I started thinking about successes I have had in my life.  As I was thinking about each of those successes, I can’t really recall thinking about many of them very long before I just did them. Meaning, most of them I would “Only do It.”  I wouldn’t think about working an extra hour or two to get a report done, a call made, an email sent, a book read, a class assignment complete.  I would move from one task to the other and “only do it”.

Today I encourage you to take the “Only do It” approach to your life, your business, your world.

To your success and your future.






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