Fair price

There is currently a culture being created, or has been created, that believes that some things should be free.  It is really a culture of I deserve this or I am entitled to this, because I have done something to deserve it.  In many cases, this deserving mentality is more of a philosophical view of that I am owed, because I have been here the longest, or in some cases I deserve it just because I am here.

Life has a funny way about it.  You get exactly what you deserve. Now when I say you get exactly what you deserve, I don’t mean the extremes here.  A child doesn’t deserve to get cancer, a parent doesn’t deserve to lose a child, a person doesn’t deserve to get robbed.  I am speaking in the context of success and fair price.

We should all seek to pay fair price for something we desire.  Some people say I should get the promotion on the job, because I have been here the longest.  Mean while, they haven’t put in the time that it requires above and beyond to really show that they should be the one promoted.

In my business I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars given to people.  I have seen some people appreciate it, respect it, and really be grateful for the opportunity.  I have seen many more squander it, waste it, and not really value it.

So the question becomes, do you prevent the good (the ones who do appreciate it) from getting something that is free and they didn’t earn, because there are so many that don’t appreciate it.  The answer to me is simple.  Absolutely not, my take on it is that you continue to keep the price high, the value will be determined by the market.  The people will determine the price.  The market always determines fair price.  The only time the market doesn’t determine fair price is when an outside sector (government or some other agency) dilutes or promotes a specific market based on their involvement.  Then the market is prevented from determining fair price.  A good example of this is the housing market.  We all know what happened in the housing market in 2008.

Nothing of value is free.  Which means you can conclude that if you get it for free, you wont value it as much, or at all.  Fair price is determined by the market. Are you willing to pay fair price?

To your success and your future.






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