Movement versus Improvement

It is 4:00 pm and I have accomplished a lot today.  Take a look at my to do list. There are a lot of things with lines through them that I was able to get done today.  Does this sound like you at the end of some days?  It does for me as well.  I am that to do list kind of person. The feeling I have when I look at that list and I have marked off a bunch of things just really gives me a sense of accomplishment.

In this day and age, my guess is that at least 90% of us live by a calendar of some kind.  My calendar is on my phone and I use technology to manage my life events.

Most of us have a to do list, a calendar of events, and then we have our habits.  These three things drive our everyday actions.

The To Do lists are usually for movement.  I am not saying that they don’t provide you with some kind of overall improvement. Like going to the grocery.  Sure you have to do it, so you can eat.  However, these are just maintenance tasks.

Your habits can be positive or negative.  You can decide that for yourself.  I have several good habits and a few bad ones that I still do everyday.  The good one is that I exercise every single day.  The bad one is that I stop at my local coffee shop almost everyday and get a mocha.  Yes a mocha.  I love it.

I don’t know you, so I can’t see your calendar.  My guess is that you have the important stuff on your calendar.  Maybe things like a wedding you have to attend.  A parent, child, or spouses birthday.  A meeting with an important client or a person.  A Dr.s Appointment.  A vacation.  A concert.  You get the point here.  Everything you put on your calendar are tasks that are very important.

What goes on your calendar is very important and you schedule it in advance, you will defend it at all costs, and you will neglect your to do list when it is time for a calendar event.  Calendar events are for improvement things.  

Whats not on your calendar though?  What about things that move you forward in your life and your career.  Do you have a budget meeting with your spouse on your calendar.  Do you have prospecting on your calendar? (for those sales people) Do you have finishing school on your calendar? 

Calendar events make our relationships more meaningful.  They help us in our career.  They focus around planning a better future for ourselves so we can live the life we want to live.

It is real easy to get caught up in the movement of our everyday lives.  Responding to emails, dropping the kids off at practice.  Be sure to make time for more calendar events, these are the things that you will remember and these are the things that improve your life. 

To your success and your future.






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