11 Super-Duper Short book summaries

In this world of 8 second attention spans (myself included), twitter, and emojis and pictures instead of words. I have compiled my reading list to date for 2015, and my super-duper short book summaries on what I took away from the book.  My suggestion is always to read the books, read as many books as you can, and I suggest reading the books below, well, maybe one of them I wouldn’t. My hope is that after reading these short one or two sentence summaries you may decide to actually read the whole book.  If not, enjoy my thoughts on them.

What to do when its your turn and it’s always your turn; author Seth Godin

  • Take advantage of what is in front of you and act now, don’t wait for permission, you already have permission.

The Speed of Trust; author Stephen MR Covey

  • Trust is the essential ingredient to success in life.  You must have it in all relationships that you encounter throughout your career and your life.  Learn how to build it.

Freakonomics; authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

  • A bunch of case studies that added zero value to my life.

How to Kill a Unicorn (How the Worlds Hottest Innovation Factory Builds bold ideas that make it to Market); author Mark Payne 

  • Most good ideas are killed before they ever have a chance to fully develop, put in the work to find a really good idea and then do whatever it takes to see it through.

The Reputation Economy (How to Optimize your digital footprint in a world where your reputation is as good as cash); author Michael Fertik

  • If you are online or have ever been online, you have a digital footprint.  You must protect your identity at all costs, it can either hurt you or you can learn how to monetize it for gain, learn how to do the latter.

The Seven Levels of Communication; author Michael Maher 

  • Your network will drive your net worth.  The more people you add value to the more value you will receive in return.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Wealth and Wisdom; author Ben Franklin

  • Be intentional about everything in your life and don’t be lazy, most people are poor because they are too lazy to pursue things that can lead to wealth.

SPIN Selling (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need and Payoff); author Neil Rackham

  • When you help a buyer discover how many problems they have, or could have, that they didn’t even know or think about, the chances of you making the sale goes up.

Well Being (the Five Essential Elements); author Tom Rath and Jim Hartner

  • Be sure you are in a career that you are passionate about and like, because it drives all areas of your life and well-being.

Tom Coughlin: Earn The Right To Win (How success in any field starts with Superior Preparation); author Tom Coughlin 

  • Show up early, practice hard, plan every detail, and be disciplined in everything you do each day and success will come.

Decide (Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress, And Lead By example); author Steve McClatchy

  • You have two choices to make with your time: You can focus on all of the maintenance things you “have to do”, or you can make time for the things you “want to do” which leads to improvement in your life.

You can click on this link  http://www.thebrianwillett.com/literature/favorites/ it will take you to a page to see other favorite books I have read.  Also, if you click on the picture of the book it will take you to amazon so you can order the book if you wish.

As always I welcome your feedback.

To your success and your future.



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