4 G’s to get out of a funk!

I have used the word “funk” before as I am sure you may have as well. Today, I decided to actually look the word up.  The definition states that it is a state of depression;  it could be a bad odor; a kind of music genre; and a person could be funky based on what they are wearing.

Today, I am writing about the definition described as a state of depression.  I don’t like to use the word depression, because depression to me has more serious tone to it.  That’s just me.  So I prefer to say a little down or in a funk.

I am not sure why I choose to write on this subject today.  Maybe it is because we all have a tendency to get in a funk.  What causes a funk?  I don’t know.  I believe all of us have a tendency to get in a funk from time to time.  It is called life.  It could be things didn’t happen the way we wanted them to.  We may have not accomplished the task we were hoping to complete in the amount of time we wanted to complete it in.  A friend or family member gets some bad news, or we may get some bad news personally.  Our jobs are not going well.  You may have a boss on your back.  Or you have more work than time to do the work.

I don’t know if any of the aforementioned things have ever caused you to be in a funk, but I am sure you could come up with a list if you had to.

So what do you do when you get into a funk, and how do you get out of it?

1.  Give:  Yep.  There is something about giving that makes me feel better.  It could be money, time, food, advice, value, wisdom, anything I have that others could benefit from.

2. Gratitude:  Make a list of the things you are thankful for.  It could be your health, your family, grace from God, things, whatever it is just take a moment and think about the things you are thankful for.  Make a list.

3. Goals: For me looking at some of the goals I have accomplished helps me realize that I have been here before, I will be here again, and I know I can get out of it.  Looking at past successes gives me the confidence that I can accomplish anything and I have accomplished a lot. Also, I start establishing some goals for the future which in turn gets me excited.

4. Get: More of a personal word here.  Get doing and Get going.  That is really the best way to get yourself out of a funk.  Do something.

It’s Monday. Its time to start the new week with a fresh start and a fresh perspective.  Make this week your best week of the year.

To your success and your future.






One response to “4 G’s to get out of a funk!”

  1. Jo Avatar

    Thank you for these tips brother Willett.

    I can really relate to give and gratitude to help the funk. Spot on.

    Sent from Joe Romzek


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