6 ways sharing is caring

Several years ago my mentor shared this little saying with me. Life is worthwhile if you share.   It is really what ultimately launched this me into writing this blog.

Ways you can share.  (In order of importance)  Please share with me if you would re-order them in importance.

Share your time:  I think the most significant resource you can share with another person is your time.  It is a limited resource that we all desire to have more of.  It is more valuable than money, because you can get more money, but none of us can get more time.  The time we have is all the time we have.

Share your money: I would put money as the second most valuable resource that you can share.  Just like time it is easy to count.  You know exactly how much of your own resources you are sharing when you share your money.  But sharing your money with another person, an organization, or someone in need shows yourself how much you really care.  If you care enough, it is easy to share.

Share your love: How much can you love someone? As much as you want, right?  How do you measure it?  There are many measurements, and if you look at the above two ways, you could use those as measurements of your love.  I understand that love is bigger than both time and money, but if you aren’t willing to invest either into a relationship with someone or something than how much do you really love it?

Share your experience:  The best way we can learn is through our own experiences.  There isn’t any better way to learn than to learn it on our own.  However, there are some lessons that we really don’t want to learn on our own.  For example:  You can read books, listen to speeches, and other resources from people who lived a certain lifestyle and that lifestyle ultimately harmed their health.  Those people create those resources to share with others so you can learn from their experiences.  I appreciate those people for sharing their experiences because there are some lessons that I don’t want to learn by doing it myself.

Share your expertise:  We all have a certain skill set that really serves.  You may serve your company with your expertise (You get paid for it, I understand, but you choose to share it), you may serve a board, you may serve an organization, a church, a community, etc.  There are lots of ways you can share your expertise.  Again, this is another way for you to share and this makes life worthwhile.

Share your things: As a kid I never wanted to share my bike.  I was scared someone would wreck it or not take care of it the way I did.  So I was selfish.  However, the older I get, the more willing I am to share my things. If you can share something of value with someone else that needs it, why not share it.

Some of the things above I can give or get for free, and some of the things I have to pay for, or if I am open to sharing, someone else may have to pay for them.  It doesn’t matter.  The important thing is to be willing to share, this shows you care.  My mentor cared enough to put his thoughts, experience, and expertise in a book or on a CD, that I had to pay for.  I am so thankful that he did, because the lessons I have learned have paid me back 1000 fold.

How can you share today?

To your success and your future.






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