It’s really not that hard to…

Throughout life most of us have learned and been told that experience is the end all be all in our careers and in our life.  I agreed and adopted that thinking as well.  However, many years ago my mentor said that experience is nothing, what makes experience valuable is when you reflect on your experiences.  You must play back the tapes of the experience and say “What did I learn”, “What would I do if I am in this situation again”, “What did I do well”, etc.  You have to play back the tapes of the experience to learn from it and grow from it.

I have been doing this for years in my journal, this week I wanted to share with you my journal notes and some of the thoughts I put in my journal

1.  It’s really not that hard to… be nice.  I had a unique experience this week. I had a chance to be around 25 young adults varying in ages between 14-18.  These young adults didn’t know each other a week ago, they didn’t meet each other until last Monday.  As of yesterday evening, the 25 of them had become as close to each other as family almost. And it was all because they made a decision to respect each other and show each other appreciation.  They shared life together and in doing that they respected each other.  You don’t always get a chance to share life with another person, however, it is real easy to be nice to other people, so just do it.

2.  It’s really not that hard to… not judge others. Raise your hand if you have ever judged someone else because of what someone else said about an individual?  Even if that person who told you, had a direct interaction with the person you are now judging, which even gives it more credibility?  I raise both of my hands.  I learned this week AGAIN!  Capital letters AGAIN!  Because I know I should never judge another person, but I still do it.  You never know what a person is going through, based on their situation they are having to make certain decisions that we may just not know anything about.  Lets try not to judge another person ever, or at least until you know the entire story.

3.  It’s really not that hard to…increase your income by 75%.  When I say it isn’t hard to, I guess that is a little false.  It really is hard to do.  The work and effort to do this is hard.  The long hours, the extra work, the redistribution of your time, and the sacrifices made is hard at the time.  However, the commitment to make it happen isn’t hard.  Let me say that again, the commitment isn’t hard.  You just have to be willing to do it.  I witnessed an individual who has perfected a craft of developing people and being genuinely interested in the welfare of others, they now have the ability to make an impact on a group of people so large that it has the potential to change families forever.  Now, how do you increase your income by at least 75%, you give more than you take.  You serve others and when you do, you to can increase your income.

These are some simple observations from this week.  How was your week?  Have you played back the tapes for the week to see what you can learn?  If not I would encourage you to do so.

To your success and your future.






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