3 Things I learned last week…8/3-8/15

I am coming off a very busy week.  But aren’t they all busy! It seems like mine are for sure.

What I learned this past week…

1. Rich people buy time and poor people sell their time.  How much is your time worth?  That is a good question for all of us, one that we should all seek to find some answers to.  We all have a definitive amount of time here on this earth (we don’t know what it is), in our month, in our week, in our day.  How do you want to spend your time?  Rich people have the resources to buy more time.  They don’t cut their grass (that is an hour back in your day and your life), they maybe don’t clean their own house, (that is a few hours back in your life), they don’t wash their cars (thirty minutes), house projects (unless they really  want to, but how long do these take?).

How much time do we spend at work on the job?  I know we all love what we do and where we do it.  However, what we are really doing is selling our time for a price, a wage. Maybe your wage is awesome and you love it, that’s great, but what would you be doing if you were rich and didn’t have to sell your time to someone else?   These are questions I am asking myself daily right now.  Am I buying time or selling time?  Grant Cardone is a best-selling author and he has challenged me with this kind of thinking this week.

2.  Say yes and then try to figure it out.  About a month ago I said yes to something that I really didn’t know that much about.  I knew enough to know that it would stretch me and grow me, but I really didn’t know the details of it.  I spent this week trying to learn the details and then on Thursday I executed the decision. It was a great experience that took me way out of my comfort zone and I grew from that experience on that day.  It may also lead to some future business opportunities.

The lesson I learned was sometimes we hear a good idea or something we think we might like, and then we spend time trying to find reasons not to do it.  When we do this we don’t grow and we don’t have a chance to enjoy new experiences or new people.  We don’t want to say yes, and waste our time, however, we do want to say yes to the things that will make us better and get us closer to maximizing our full potential.  Next time a good or unique opportunity presents itself, just say yes, and then try to figure it out, it might just be one of the best experiences you have.

3. You have to mix it up. In the past two weeks I started changing up my workout routine, a lot.  And I am extremely sore.  My whole body hurts.  It is a good hurt, but it hurts.  The hurt is because I used different muscles and body parts that I have not been using.  By using these different muscles and body parts my body has now become stronger because I am strengthening more of it.  This is the same in our work life as well.  If you get used to doing the same kind of work, the same kind of decisions, the same kind of leading, the same kind of managing, you aren’t growing.  Your muscles in those areas are just like the muscles in your body, you have to work all of them, and if you are only working parts of them you get really strong in those areas, but you may be missing other areas that need the work.  This week I challenge you to mix it up.  If you are used to leading in one way, try something else, and see what happens.

To your success and your future.






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