6 I’s that I am focused on today and so should you

Every day we have an opportunity to focus and get the most we can out of a day, or we can meander and just try to get through the day.  When you are just getting through the day it means you have no purpose or vision.  We are blessed today with a “present”.  I guess that is why we call it the “present” because it truly is a “present” a “gift” that we get to enjoy.

How can we enjoy the “present” and get the most out of it?

Ignore:  Yep, there are some things and some people you just have to ignore.  It’s not personal, you just cant allow people and anything else prevent you from pursuing and achieving your goals. I get it that there are some things that don’t help us in our pursuit of our goals that we can’t ignore. I am in the same boat.  What we can do is work through them as fast as we can, so we can move on to what we need to do to achieve what we want to achieve. Who and what do you need to ignore today?

Invest: 1. I am investing in my future today by having clearly defined goals. 2. By only doing the things that lead me to achieving those goals. 3. By investing in the tools necessary to assist me in accomplishing the goals. Everything in life requires us to invest first and benefit later.  You have to pay first. What are the areas in your life and your career where you need to make an investment to accomplish your goals?  Maybe its money, time, or attention?

Involve:  All this week I have been calling and reaching out to people who I need involved in what I am accomplishing.  I am going in a different direction, in some cases I don’t even know where it is or how to get there.  But there are lots of people who do know.  Those are the people who I am connecting with and talking to. So who do you need to get involved with?

Imagine:  Imagining what could be gets you thinking bigger than you currently are thinking.  In my book 7 ways to more, click here to purchase. I discuss, how we all must find time to think.  When you make the time to think you develop an environment that allows you to be more creative.  Creativity leads to excitement, because you get excited about the possibilities.  When you are ony grinding and not thinking, it can become mundane and boring.  Sure you have to do the work, the grind, however, you have to find time to think and imagine what could be.  Do you have some time carved out today to imagine what could be?

Increase:  One of my mentors is challenging me to 10X everything.  What he means is take everything you are doing and increase it by ten times.  In all of the activities that you are currently doing, what if you increased them by ten times?  Example:  If you are saving $10 dollars a month. What would be the impact of saving $100 dollars a month. If you are making sales calls to twenty people a week, what if you were calling two hundred people.  By increasing your activity in the different areas of your life you will get to where you want to go quicker.  Most of us don’t realize we can do more until we do it.  What are a few areas you can commit 10X to today?

Impact: One of the focuses in my life is to make an impact on other people’s lives.  I have the fortunate opportunity to do that in my current position as a trainer and leader.  However, we all have the opportunity to do it.  We can buy coffee for the person behind us at the coffee shop.  We can hold the door open for the person behind us.  We can tell our office buddy what a great job they are doing in their job.  In what ways can you have impact today?

When you Ignore it frees you up to Invest. Investment gets the right Involvement, that gets us to Imagine that we can Increase our actions so we can have greater Impact.

To your success and your future.







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