3 Things I learned last week…1/19-24/2016

When given the opportunity most will choose the easy way: My mentor told me years ago this little gem.  That is: “What is Easy to do, is also Easy not to do”.  Being in leadership I have watched people on my teams do some interesting things just to avoid “doing”, what it is that needs to be done.  Does it take time to do it?  Absolutely it does.  Does it require effort?  Yes.  Does it require your focus? Yes.  Now what is interesting, is that almost anything that is worthwhile to pursue will require, time, effort, and focus.  So why wouldn’t you do it?  A different context for you.  It is easy to ignore your child’s bad behavior one time.  Or it is easy to not say something about your employee showing up late one time.  However, what happens when you choose not to address the issue at hand and the bad behavior becomes a habit overtime, and eventually your child becomes a juvenile delinquent that can’t be controlled. Or your employee becomes very unproductive and requires your company to miss a deadline on a major project and you lose that customer which represents 20% of your company’s revenue. Everything has consequences.  My advice is this: When you are thinking about doing it or not doing it?  If you have to think about it, it is probably best that you do it.

Tangents will kill your productivity: A tangent is described as a total different line of thought.  I was recently in a meeting where this team of managers were in the meeting to discuss one thing.  A very small issue that needed to be addressed now.  What happened in the meeting was that in the matter of an hour the group got off on no less than ten tangents.  Ten different topics other than the one that they needed to discuss.  Now let me be clear.  I am as guilty of this as the next person at times.  That is why I am writing this blog.  It holds me accountable to the words I write.  And by writing (typing) them I become more accountable to them. Tangents are killing your business. You must stop them now.  My goal is to become a tangent killer, and not a tangent creator.

Transparency is good, but TMI (Too much information) is just that:  We live in a world nowadays where being genuine is more appreciated than ever before.  I am sure being genuine has always been a quality people in general has wanted from others, but maybe it is just said more or we have more exposure to it because of social media and all the ways we receive information and communication. So where is the line between transparency (genuine, honest, real) and too much information (TMI).  Last week, I witnessed in person with a group of people, where someone revealed just a little too much information about themselves.  It wasn’t bad information and it was harmful.  However, it was a little too much for that setting at that time. How often have you seen someone do that?  My advice is to always go conservative in these cases.  You can always share more, but you can never share less. I have been guilty of this myself at times as well. However, there are consequences to sharing too much, too early.  Be cautious and be aware.  That is what is best.

To your success and your future.





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