Lessons Learned after 300 attempts!

Those of you who may have been following me since the beginning may realize this is a milestone for me.  This blog post is my 300th published blog post since I started writing in January 2014.  I started blogging for really a couple of reasons:

One: I am a Sales/Leadership/Personal Development trainer.  By writing about different thoughts and concepts, it has allowed me to be a better trainer in all of these areas.  Secondly, when I started I wanted to do it for a year and determine what I tended to write about and then take those writings and write my first book.  I accomplished that last year.  Self publishing my first book. (Yes I said first. Which means more to come)

As of the writing of this blog post, I don’t think much has changed for my reasons for blogging and writing other than my blogs are now really a source that I refer back to when I need material to reference when I am conducting trainings.  So it has become a really great asset for me that I never really thought about in the beginning.

So what have I learned:

  • That I must hit publish.  If you are not familiar with WordPress or blogging in general, there is a publish button.  For any of this to happen, I must hit publish.
  • There are 110 Blog Posts that I started and did not hit the publish button on.
  • I have accomplished the goals I set out when I started blogging.
  • Better trainer (yes). Better speaker (yes). Better thinker (yes). Write and publish a book (yes). Created a bank of resources that I can reference (yes).
  • Don’t be scared to put your thoughts out there.
  • Some people could care less about my writing. And who really cares.  It’s not for them.
  • I was a C student in English growing up and my guess is my writing shows that, but I have become better as I have done it.
  • You will learn who in your circles that actually read or pay attention to your social media posts.  In this case. Who has actually read my blog.
  • Those who say they can’t write are just saying that because they don’t have the focus and discipline to do it. If I can, anybody can.
  • For me to have something to write about I must have a thought or an opinion on something, which means I must constantly be feeding my mind with stuff.
  • I have become a more engaging speaker, because writing as allowed me to learn to tell better stories. (A lot of work still to do)
  • The people I am around give me the best material.
  • Although I have 110 blog posts I have never published.  I have 300 I have. Which means I know how to start and finish.  Most people never start, which means they never finish. And the ones who do start have a hard time finishing.
  • I am better leader.
  • A better sales person.
  • A better person.
  • I need an editor.
  • My words have influence.  I think it is something innate in all of us.  We all want to have influence. This blog has allowed me to do that. The countless stories I have heard. The people I have met because of the blog.  Who knows what is next and who I will meet.

So where do I go from here. Well, I have a little over 2,000 followers of my blog.  My hope it that I will continue to expand on those numbers.  My hope is that I will continue to have influence. By continuing my writing I will become a better speaker, trainer, and a better person in general.  That is my goal.  I am looking forward to writing and sharing another 300.

To your success and your future.







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  1. PJ Avatar

    I’m new to your blogs…but really enjoy them! Keep up the good work!

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