5 ways to crush every-day of your life

I don’t believe I am any different from most people.  I, like many other people, are looking for that one thing that can truly set us up for success in everything we do.  Come on, be honest with yourself, if you could find an easier way to have everything you have ever hoped for and wanted, you would take it. I know I would.

Throughout my search for this one thing, that can change everything. I have found something different instead.  I didn’t find one thing. What I actually found was many things. Am I crushing it like I want?  No.  But damn, this shit is hard.  If it were easy we would all be doing it and we would all be doing much better in every aspect of our life.

Instead of finding one thing that can change everything. I instead found a series of things that lead me to have what I want.  These are behaviors and actions I do on a daily basis.  Well, let me be honest here.  Let’s say 90% of the time I employ these behaviors.  One hundred percent is hard.

So what do I do:

  1. Get up before the sun is up: I can remember a time when I would wait until the last-minute before getting up and starting my day.  At the time, I can remember worrying about paying my bills and all of the other issues that came with waiting until the last-minute to do what needed to be done.  I am all for sleeping in when necessary, but like I said employ the 90/10 rule here.  Only sleep in 10% of the time.When I starting waking up before the sun came up.  I became smarter, I had more money, and I was less stressed.  Even now, if it is a day where I am working on that other 10%, I feel stressed and don’t accomplish as much as I want.
  2. Take in something positive: I became a reader at the same time as I became an early riser. Reading is the way I take in that positive injection everyday. I can hear the non-readers grumbling as you are reading this.  If you don’t want to read, watch a YouTube video or by some audio books.  Technology is an amazing thing.  You can take something positive in through a variety of different ways.  The key is, just do it.  I am not sure if it is only me, but the grind of life can be negative at times.  Responsibilities, kids, management decisions, bad traffic, life, you name it, we have to do something to counteract all of the negative that can creep into our lives.
  3. What did I learn: Several years ago I became a writer.  Hey, I can call myself that because you are reading this right now.  When I became a writer, I also became a journal carrier.  I started writing things down that I wanted to remember.  I am not a crazy person about it, but I journal about 3-4 times a week.  Hey, I am not a 100%, but any percentage of something, is better than nothing. Now most of my fellow colleagues would tell me to journal before going to bed, so it is fresh and you can remember what you learned or want to remember from that day.I on the other hand, do this differently.  If you look at #1 above, you can see I start my day really really early, so by the time the evening gets here, I don’t have much left in the gas tank.  I prefer to get up the next day and write in my journal about the previous days events.
  4. Exercise:  Again, I can hear your grumblings as you are reading this. You are saying to yourself, right now, “Another person recommending exercise”, “and doing it in the morning.”  Hey.  I get it.  I used to be the same way.  As I stated before, I used to think a morning exercise routine was crazy.  I take you back to #1 above, if you are getting up earlier, you can fit it in.  Sure you have the health benefits of the exercise itself, but what I enjoy most about the morning workout routine is that I can go through the rest of my day knowing that I don’t have to worry about working out after work.  And you can read study after study about the health benefits of starting your day with a workout or exercise routine.
  5. Remind yourself: There are some people I know that tell me they write their life goals down everyday and look at them.  I am not one of those people.  I do get up each day and remind myself what it is I need to do. Secondly, Why, I am doing it.  This constant reinforcement pushes me to do it.  Reminding yourself that your goals for the future are bigger than your current situation, is what pushes you to get things done.  I am not saying live your life in the future.  No.  What I am saying is you must have goals, wishes, and desires that you are striving for.  These desires and goals, are like magnets and will pull you towards them.  If you  are lacking motivation, it means you are lacking goals. Remind yourself everyday of what is you want, and why you want it.

As you look at the five ways to crush your day, remember what I said earlier. I am a 90/10 guy.  It is difficult to be 100%.  The key to any routine is first to create one.  Shocking I know.  But most people don’t have one.  They instead live their life by whatever comes at them.  By creating a daily routine, whether it is the one I follow or not, the purpose is the act of doing it will create success for you. One discipline leads to another discipline.

Crush it today!

To your success and your future.








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