Month: November 2016

  • 6 Things Sales People can Learn from Donald Trump

    6 Things Sales People can Learn from Donald Trump

    If you are a republican you might really like this post.  If you are a democrat the chances are you aren’t going to like this post or what is in it.  I want to challenge you regardless of which way you lean politically to read the post and learn something from it.  I am not […]

  • 5 Signs Your Company is about to fail

    Many companies have a huge problem right now. Some realize they have this problem, while others are clueless. They are trying to fix symptoms of the problems instead of the problem itself. You can read poll after poll about the disengagement that exists in many companies right now. Dale Carnegie Training and MSW research partnered […]

  • An underdog story!

    An underdog story!

    We all love the underdog story.  The story of the team, the person, the company, that was not given a chance to win.  All of the odds were against them.  Their backs were against the wall.  Nobody believed in them. Everybody said they couldn’t. While all of the naysayers, their so called friends, their colleagues, […]

  • 6 reasons why your career has stalled

    6 reasons why your career has stalled

    You know Bob don’t you.  Bob is three cubicles down for you.  Bob is a nice guy.  He is a great employee for your company.  He has worked there for about five years.  He has nice family.  His wife is great, she also has a great career. His three kids are all in public school, […]