Why I can’t quit, a glimpse in to how I stay motivated.

I’m not sure if this is you or not. But I know for me, it is a constant day-to-day struggle.  I believe it is the human condition.  I don’t think I am wired any differently than anyone else.  I think we are all similar more than we are unlike.

When faced with difficulties, challenges, pushback, obstacles, and any other words you want to include in this collection of words that prevent you from your desired result. I believe we all have to ask ourselves one question.  Why I can’t quit.

I don’t know if this is actually a question, even though it seems more like a statement to me now than ever before. I guess because I have stated it to myself over and over and over again.

When I have made the thirtieth phone call of the day.  I make this statement. When I want to slow down after running two miles of a six-mile run attempt. When I say lets shut it down now, you have been working for twelve hours. When I want to cut my workout short. When I want to take it easy.

The statement or question, (Why I can’t quit) however you want to look at it.  Has become a phrase that I tell myself over and over.  Here are my answers to this question.

Why I can’t quit:  Because if I do I will not achieve my potential.
Why I can’t quit:  My wife needs me.
Why I can’t quit: It is way too important.
Why I can’t quit:  I have two brothers, one didn’t get to live the life I have the opportunity to live.
Why I can’t quit: Because I am here now, and why not do everything I can do to have the best time while I am here.
Why I can’t quit: My health is too important.
Why I can’t quit: My dad worked for forty-five years waiting to retire.  And he didn’t get that chance. I refuse to do the same.
Why I can’t quit:  I don’t ever want to have a gut or love handles.
Why I can’t quit: I like to eat nice foods with my wife and drink wine.
Why I can’t quit: Because someone needs to hear what I have to say.
Why I can’t quit: Quitters don’t get paid.
Why I can’t quit: This is easy, someone else has it a lot harder.
Why I can’t quit: Because I just started.
Why I can’t quit:
I know I am faster. 
Why I can’t quit: I know I can do it. 
Why I can’t quit:
I hate the feeling I have when I know I could have done better.
Why I can’t quit: 
Because you told me I couldn’t
Why I can’t quit: 
Because this little problem is nothing compared to what others are going through.
Why I can’t quit: Maybe this will work
Why I can’t quit:  
Because I need it.
Why I can’t quit: 
Because I want it.
Why I can’t quit: There is something bigger I am destined to do and this is the path.
Why I can’t quit: Because most people do, or already have.

Bobby Jones the great golfer said this about golf. “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course — the distance between your ears.”

What he was saying is that golf is a head game.  The person who has the ability to think through things, keep their emotions in check, focus on what is important in the moment, keep the bigger goal in mind, and then lastly execute the game plan, are the people who can achieve success on the golf course. The technical skills necessary to play golf are important, but they don’t mean anything if your head is not where it needs to be. While on the golf course there will be challenges, obstacles, and barriers, but you must keep your head in the game and execute.

I believe the golf course is no different from life.  I don’t golf that frequently, however, I get up every single day and play the game of life.  And so do you.  We are blessed to have this opportunity.  Just like Bobby Jones said about golf, I believe the same is true for life.  The game of life is played on a five-inch course as well, the distance between your ears.  Which is your head.  And I think we all have to do things to keep our head in the game.

Remembering why I am doing something keeps me focused on why I must persevere. Why I must not stop and why I have to keep pushing through any obstacle that comes my way.  Remembering why also keeps me motivated to do the things I may not want to do or even hate to do.

The why, is what will keep you motivated long after you have lost the desire to do whatever it was you were going to do, or needed to do.

I shared with you a little tactic I use.  What do you do?

To your success and your future.






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