Word of the Day — Curious

The old saying is the “curiosity killed the cat”.  By doing a simple google search of this old phrase. I learned that  “Curiosity killed the cat” is an old proverb that was used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.  If you have been around cats very long at all, you know that they are very investigative, interested in everything, and are willing to be focused on something for a long period of time.

I chose curiosity or curious as my first word of the day, because in the aforementioned paragraph, most people today are not very investigative, they are not interested in everything, and are not willing to be focused on something for a long period of time.

It is actually the exact opposite. Most people are interested in very little, most people are not very investigative, they read the headlines and make assumptions from that.  And then none of us are able to focus on anything for long periods of time.

In my training courses, I teach concepts and equip people with tools, that they can use to develop better relationships with people.  With all of the teachings I deliver, the one thing I suggest to everyone is that they have to learn to be curious.

When you learn to be curious about others, about things, about how something works and why it works.  This makes you a person that is more interested in others than you are in yourself.  And when you become more interested in something besides yourself, you become a person that is more interesting.

Dale Carnegie said, said this “To be interesting, become interested.”  Early on in my life, I wasn’t that curious or interested in others.  I wasn’t interested in learning anything besides what I needed to know to do my job and to love my life.

What I found though was when I learned to be more curious about people.  I made better relationship with people.  When I learned how to be more curious about things, I learned more about things that eventually helped me to be a more well-rounded person.

My advice is simple.  Learn how to be curious.  Unlike the proverb, being curious won’t end your one of your lives.  It will do the opposite.  It will enrich your life.

Advice I give teens all of the time. Be curious.  This will lead to you learning more about everything and everybody and this will help you in life and in business.

To your success and your future.








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