7 lessons I learned about life and running that running taught me…

On June 8, 2013 I technically started running.  My plan wasn’t to become a runner it was more of a way for me to lose a few pounds that I committed to losing on January 1, 2013.  As I started running (and losing weight) I started really liking it.  At that time, I liked losing weight more than the running.  However, over time I started liking the running just as much.  The morning run at 4:00 am. when no body is awake, just me and my thoughts is one of my favorite parts of the day.

7 lessons:

1.  If you want to lose weight…running is the most efficient way I know to burn calories and lose weight, with proper diet of course.  A good long run can allow you to bank a few calories and you can still eat what you want, in moderation of course.

2.  Goal Setting…As I mentioned I started out running really just to help me lose a few extra pounds.  For most of my life I have always been an athlete.  Playing sports and lifting weights and being fit was a way of life. Since High School, I have lifted weights, but really didn’t have any firm goals set. Running has forced me to set goals in running as well as every other area of my life.

3.  Seeing things differently…I bet I have walked through Cherokee Park a 1000 times throughout my life.  I would take my dog to there almost everyday during the summer for many years.  But running in the park as the sun comes up and it is just you and your thoughts, the park looks differently and it has a different feel to it, it is majestic.  I would have never experienced this if I didn’t start running.

4.  There are no shortcuts…We all know there are no shortcuts on the road to success.  However, in basketball from time to time you will hit a lucky shot, or in football the defense makes a mistake and you are wide open, lifting weights you can tweak your form and cheat to lift more weight.  In running, however far you go, there is only one way back. There are no shortcuts back, it is the same amount of steps.

5.  The last mile…is the hardest.  You are worn out, you’re dehydrated, your body hurts, but you have to finish.  Life is the same way, when you are about to accomplish something worthwhile the last few tasks are the hardest.  In college, the last few classes were the most difficult, every test and every activity was a grind.  In the beginning, they weren’t as bad, you just did it, but as the end drew near, the more cumbersome the tasks get.

6.  The journey is hard…but it is worth it.  Life is hard and sometimes we don’t know what path we are going down and it can get really difficult.  As early as this morning, I was thinking about how hard the run was. My body ached, tired, a lot on my mind, but as I finished the run, I felt better, and I know the run was worth it for my health and well-being.

7.  Life and running…only gives you what you deserve and earn.  I can’t run 7 minute miles unless I earn it through hard work, preparation, and dedication to that goal. These are the same principles needed in life to have a life of success as well.

Until next time….

Brian Willett


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  2. Kevin Newby Avatar
    Kevin Newby

    Great insights. I completed my first marathon last October and agree with the points to make above.

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