You should Stop, Start, and Continue these things

How do you know if you are on the right track?  Is that a question that we should ask ourselves sometimes?  I think so.  It is probably a question that we should probably ask ourselves more often.

I think success is a journey.  You won’t get there over night.  However there are some things in life that we should be doing, should not be doing, and things we should do more of.

STOP:  There are some things that you should stop doing immediately.  Don’t you agree?  If you are 30 pounds over weight, you should probably stop your current eating habits and exercise habits.  If you don’t have any exercise and health habits, you should continue to read further and find out what you should start doing.  Do you have negative friends that are making you negative.  Think about it.  How are the people you are around influencing your attitude, your decisions, your spending habits.  If you aren’t where you want to be, you should STOP spending time with them or limit your time with them.

About a year ago, I made the decision to STOP watching the national news.  That one little decision has impacted my life and my success (my definition of success: measurable progress towards worthwhile goals).

What do you need to STOP doing?

START:  I don’t know which one is harder to do.  Start something or Stop something.  I guess it really just depends on who you are and how motivated you are.  But there are somethings we just have to start doing.  Going back to your health.  You just have to start.  Maybe you start with counting calories.  Or maybe you start by walking around your neighborhood or up and down the street.  Whatever it is and how much you do it can always change, but you just have to START.  Your negative friends that you are spending time with, you just have to STOP spending time with them, but maybe you start by limiting your time with them.

I have a friend that made the decision to START working out and he made it a priority in his life.  It has changed his entire life from health, fitness, family, career, and accomplishing more of his goals.

What should you START doing?

CONTINUE:  Then we all have some things that we must continue to do.  There are some things that just work.  I would hope we all have something in our life that is working.  So we must continue to do those things and make sure we find the time to ensure those things continue.  I have found that the best way for me to find out if something works and I should continue to do it, is by doing a lot of things that don’t work.  This trial and error process is what has allowed me to find the things I make a priority and continue to do.

What are you going to CONTINUE doing?

Take an inventory today of your goals, your passions, your time, your friends, your daily routine, etc.  You may find some examples of things you should STOP doing, you may identify some things you should start doing, and lastly, make sure you continue to do the things that are working for you.


7 responses to “You should Stop, Start, and Continue these things”

  1. bookproof Avatar

    Great post, I stopped watching the national news too and it truely has a big impact on the quality of life. All these negative information gives an impression of a terrible future. I even stopped TV altogether. What was the hardest thing for you to stop doing?

    1. bwillett555 Avatar

      Thanks for the comment. Where do I begin. It was easy to make the decision to stop. The hard part is managing the decision 🙂 It was hard at first, but I had some relationships in my life that I had to stop. If I was truly pursuing excellence (which is the goal) then I had to cut some of those relationships out. I still have some things that I need to STOP doing, but I am making reasonable progress towards them. Some things you just have to STOP immediately and other things you slowly stop them. The news was easy to stop. Cutting my cable was easy. What do you think?

      1. bookproof Avatar

        Well I respect you for stopping some of the relationships, the people in our life have such a huge impact on us. I personally stuggle to break up the relationshop to my best friend, huge decisions aren’t made over night. I think it was Robin Sharma who told: Beginnings are hard, the middle is messy but the outcome is worth it. (:

  2. robvcase Avatar

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  3. Manley Feinberg II Avatar

    Hi Brian! Love your article and especially the stop watching news idea.

    I quit watching news (both national and especially local) about 13 years ago and it has created space for positive intake of the ideas and focus I want my conscious and unconscious on. Many other additional advantages as well.

    I’m currently focused on the “Continue” bucket, specifically with the need for Consistency in several areas. I’m using IRunUrun to track key activities / keystone habits in this category.

    Thanks for the perspective-
    Keep up the great work,

    Ps: I’m from Kentucky, born in Louisville, grew up in Bardstown 🙂

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